Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodbye and Thank You "DOCTORS"

Doctors or Doctors Crush, the Korean drama, has finally finished after it's 20th Episode completed airing on 23rd Aug 2016. We are surely going to miss this drama especially Park Shin Hye who we last saw on a drama a year and a half ago.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting & watching the drama through out its airing period. Thank you as well for your generosity & support for the food & coffee trucks sent to Park Shin Hye & the "Doctors" drama crew & team.

These are some of the photos shared by Park Shin Hye's Official Korean Fanclub during the food truck event for "Doctors" drama. The fan project was a joint collaboration of a number of overseas fan clubs and spearheaded by PSH's Official Korean FC.

Thank you very much everyone for contributing and making this happen!

The overseas fan clubs involved were:

  • PSH International Fanclub
  • PSH Arab Fanclub
  • PSH Japan Fanclub
  • PSH Singapore Fanclub
  • PSH Thailand Fanclub
  • PSH Malaysia Fanclub
  • PSH Indonesia Fanbase
  • PSH Taiwan Fanclub
  • Shinhye Rella France
  • PSH Chile Fanclub
  • PSH Peru Fanclub
  • PSH Turkey Fanclub
  • PSH Bolivia Fanclub
 (The autograph & thank you message from Park Shin Hye)

The translation of the message as given by the Korea FC is:

"Thank you for sending me your love and support from all over the world! I'm shooting so happy, funny and healthy! Thank you! I love you!"

(Translation from @PSH_Translate, Sign: "I sincerely thank you for loving me and supporting me from all over the world! I acted so happily and cheerfully :)  Thanks and Love you")

The drama finally ended successfully. To our dearest Park Shin Hye, our sincerest thanks for giving us Yoo Hye Jung and Doctors! Thank you for all the hard work! Our ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ are yours always!!!

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[PHOTOS] "Doctors" Press Conference

The press conference for SBS's new drama, "Doctors" was held June 15th in Seoul. The drama is about Yoo Hye Jung, who is played by Shin Hye, who was a delinquent in her youth who became a doctor due to the influence of her teacher/mentor, Hong Ji-Hong, played by Kim Rae Won.

The drama is set to begin June 20th at 10pm KST on SBS. Don't forget to set your alarm!

At the press conference venue, rice wreaths were sent by Shin Hye's fan clubs from around the world. In all we raised over 2700kgs of rice for charity! You can go here for pictures: Rice Wreath Project

Full trailer for "Doctors:

Here are photos from the press conference:

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