Thursday, June 16, 2016

[PHOTOS] "Doctors" Press Conference

The press conference for SBS's new drama, "Doctors" was held June 15th in Seoul. The drama is about Yoo Hye Jung, who is played by Shin Hye, who was a delinquent in her youth who became a doctor due to the influence of her teacher/mentor, Hong Ji-Hong, played by Kim Rae Won.

The drama is set to begin June 20th at 10pm KST on SBS. Don't forget to set your alarm!

At the press conference venue, rice wreaths were sent by Shin Hye's fan clubs from around the world. In all we raised over 2700kgs of rice for charity! You can go here for pictures: Rice Wreath Project

Full trailer for "Doctors:

Here are photos from the press conference:

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[PHOTOS] PSHIFC and Starlight Angel Rice Wreath for "Doctors" Press Conference

Thank you to all the Starlight Angels who donated for our rice wreath project. With the donation, we were able to donate 20 bags of rice to charity. So thank you so much for your generosity and for showing everyone what Starlight Angels are, caring and big hearted people.

Her fanclubs raised 2700kg of rice combined!

Shin Hye was very happy going into the press conference. She posted on her instagram a video of the rice wreaths. She approves!

Monday, June 6, 2016

[FAN PROJECT] Food truck for Shinhye and 'Doctors' Cast & Crew Fundraiser

Hi everyone, do you remember the food truck that we sent with other fanclubs last year during her movie 'Hyung's filming? (more photos here: )

We are planning to send Shinhye some food! As we all know, filming in the summer can be very stressful for the actors and actresses, as the weather in Seoul is very hot and humid in July. Therefore, we are planning to send the 'Doctors' cast and crew some food and drinks to cheer them on.

We will be collaborating with our affiliates, aka Shinhye's other international FCs such as her Japan Fanclub, Thai Fanclub, Arab Fanclub, Singapore Fanclub, Malaysia Fanclub, Turkey Fanclub, etc, as we all hope that together we'll be able to reach the funding goal.

How much does a food truck cost? Around 4,000,000 Korean Won (= USD $3230). it is a huge amount of money and we really hope we can reach this goal. 

If successful, the food truck will be sent as soon as possible after the deadline. We will keep everyone updated on this website. 

We sincerely ask you to support our project once again, and we look forward to being able to show Shinhye and her cast & crew love from international fans! 

You can donate via PayPal by clicking on the Paypal button above. If you wish to donate via other methods, please email us at We have admins in the US, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia that can assist you.

Deadline: June 20 2016. 

If you have questions, please email us at Thank you! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[PROJECT] Rice Wreath Fundraiser for Park Shin Hye's Upcoming Drama 'Doctors'

Hello Starlight Angels,

Our lovely girl Shin Hye is making a comeback to the silver screen! Shin Hye’s new drama – SBS ‘Doctors’ – will begin its broadcast run on SBS starting June 20, 2015.

Following previous years’ tradition, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub will be congratulating the drama’s premiere on behalf of international fans by displaying rice wreaths at the ‘Doctors’ press conference in mid-June

(Read more about Shin Hye talking about her drama at her fanmeeting Q&A session:

What is a Rice Wreath?
A rice wreath consists of a big banner display and standee with bags of rice (1 bag = 1kg of rice) stacked in front of the wreath. Rice wreaths representing fanclubs are displayed at Korean dramas/movies premiere press conference venues to show fans’ support for the cast. The bags of rice are donated to charity for people in need.

The bags of rice will be donated to Korea Food For The Hungry International, a charity that Shin Hye has been supporting for years. (Read more about Shin Hye’s Ghana visit with KFHI Here:

How much is a bag of rice?
Each bag of rice (10kg each) costs 40,000 Korean won (= 34 USD). Our target is to raise money for 30 bags of rice.


We sincerely ask for Starlight Angels’ financial support for this meaningful rice wreath project and thank everyone for your continual support and love of our lovely Angel.

You can donate via PayPal by clicking on the Paypal button above. If you wish to donate via other methods, please email us at We have admins in the US, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia that can assist you.


As a thank you gesture for your thoughtful donation, we will give one (1) person of those who donated 25 USD a Singles magazine June 2016 issue containing 12 full pages of Park Shin Hye photographs. This applies to all donors, those who donated before today are also included~

Deadline: May 30 2016 June 5th 2016 (New date!!)

An example of a rice wreath event that PSHIFC participated in previously:

SBS ‘Heirs’ 2013