Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[EVENT] Hyung Food Support Event + 2015 Christmas Fan Project for Shin Hye and Jimmy

Update - November 4 2015
Hi we have an update on the food support event for Hyung movie! Instead of having just one food support event, there will be TWO food support events to provide warm food to the cast and crew who will be filming the movie in the wintery cold. The 1st support event is a coffee truck event which will take place at around mid-November, providing hot coffee and snacks to the cast and crew. The 2nd event will be a food truck, which will bring hot dishes to the cast and crew in late November/early December.

Please donate to support these events. Also, your donations proceeds will go to the 'Yeontan' Charity Event, which Shin Hye will participate on November 29 2015. The revised deadline of donations is November 18 2015.

What is the Yeontan Charity Event?
Yeontan is what you call the large coal briquettes used in South Korea for cooking and heating homes. It is "made of coal dust and a gluing agent" and not of firewood. It is still being used by households today, even with it's risks, specially in the villages in the countryside, consuming one to three briquettes per day in the winter. From October to February temperatures in South Korea plunges to 0 °(32 degF)-2.4 °C (28 degF).

On November 29 2015, Shin Hye and a group of volunteers will bring Yeontan to the elderly who live in the remote countryside and do not have access to electricity/gas. This will be the 6th consecutive year that Shin Hye has taken part in this meaningful cause. We shope that you would donate and help the elderly in need.


Starlight Angels good news!

PSH_IFC will be working with @star_lightangel, Park Shin Hye's official Korean fan club, in sending Shin Hye and the whole cast and crew of "Hyung" some warm food and wishes during one of their shooting days. Aside from getting Shin Hye Christmas gifts, we will also be giving a portion of our Christmas project donation to @star_lightangel as support.

How awesome is that! We are excited to be working again with @star_lightangel. We hope all of you feel the same and will join us in making this project memorable!

It's almost Christmas again, and that means buying presents for Shin Hye! Who doesn't love opening presents on Christmas Day? We will be getting some presents for Shin Hye and her family for this winter season. Please feel free to give us suggestions by commenting on this post, or tweeting us @PSH_IFC.  Same as last year, we are also setting aside donations from you for our sponsored child under Shin Hye's name, Jimmy. (Read about Jimmy's story here: )

Our projects were all made possible due to all of Starlight Angels' support. In advance, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, none of this could happen. Thank you!

So here's how this donation fundraiser works. You can donate any amount you wish. There is no limit to how much/how little you give as every penny counts. But if you donate at least $10, you have the chance to receive one of the thank you gifts listed below. The more you donate, the more opportunities you will get.

Prize 1: MindBridge Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog Book (37 pages)

Prize 2: MindBridge Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog Book (25 pages)

Prize 3: Heartstrings OST Part 1

Prize 4: You're Beautiful official comic book + Japanese magazine <Mook 21> YAB special feature issue *collector's item alert*

Prize 5 (2 winners) <SELF> Magazine September 2015 issue (cover will be randomly picked) 

And to all our donors, you will receive a bookmark as a thank you.

Deadline: November 18th 2015

Ways to donate
1. Via PayPal: Click on any of the PayPal buttons to donate
2. Via bank transfer: This is available for starlight angels in the Philippines and Malaysia
3. Via Western Union: send us an email for information at
4. Via checks: This is only available for starlight angels in the US

For other forms of donation, please send an email to

Fan Projects
You can to send us any combination of the three:
1) Birthday card
2) Birthday gift: Please keep it 500g or lighter (with the exceptions of fanclubs- please email us at if your package is heavier than 500g)
3) STARS origami!

Send to:
Mee Xiong
3307 Runway Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54703 USA

Stars! We need stars as confetti for her packages. Please send as many as you can make. You don't have to pinch the stars. Keep them flat, it will save on postage. Here are some tutorials to help you: TUTORIAL  VIDEO TUTORIAL

Last year's Christmas: