Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our New Home

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Welcome to our new home!

We are proud to present to you the new base for the Park Shin Hye's International Community!

Sadly, there was some conflict of interest between the admins on PSH.COM, and this has led to the painstaking decision of many of the admins and mods to leave our old team and home behind.

Although all of us hold many fond memories of our old home, it was essential for us to let go of our previous domain and re-organise the PSHIC administrative team, in order to protect the integrity and values that the administrators and moderators stood for.

Please do not be disheartened as most of the previous admins and mods are still here with us, and are working hard to rebuild the close-knit PSHIC community that once existed. The only difference is really just some internal personnel changes, a new domain name and us working harder than ever to repay everyone's support during the hard times!

As you probably have already noticed, it has taken us a while to get this site back up due to the many "mysterious" attacks our website encountered since the start of our launch. However, we assure you that we would never give up so easily and will only strive to grow bigger and better in our new home, thanks to our previous experience and the eradication of internal disagreements which only made us stronger. After the downfall of our previous home, we are more determined than ever to make this a friendly, engaging, and fun community for all of our members!

All of us at PSHIC would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support so far, and hope that everyone will continue to support us as we continue to blossom.

Please remember to check back regularly and don't forget to tell your friends to come join in on the fun too!