Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PSHIC will attend 1st A.N Jell Fan Meeting in Tokyo!

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Hot off the press!

We just received exciting news yesterday that the PSHIC Admins and Mods are confirmed to attend the very first A.N Jell fanmeeting. With all our tickets organised, we will be jetsetting off to Tokyo, Japan for the very first fanmeeting which is scheduled to be held on the 26th June 2010.

Both Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk will be present to welcome the fans however Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa will not be in attendance due their own busy schedules.

With only a month to go, we are all busy trying to preparing our gifts (on behalf of PSHIC) and collecting all your fan postcards that we will hand deliver addressed to the whole cast (yes all 4 of them!) on behalf of all you stars, so get busy and start writing your postcards if you haven’t already! All the details in regards to where to send them can be found on our forum website.

All the fancams, pictures, fan accounts, discussions and much more will be documented on our new PSHIC website so please anticipate our return when we will share this exciting event with you all!!!

Also please also follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/PSH_IC) for real time feeds from all the news straight from the PSHIC.

Looking forward to meeting all you Stars into our new home!

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