Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Q&A for A.N.Jell's Fanmeeting

As you all know that PSHIC will be represented at the A.N.Jells Fanmeet in Japan.

We have been asked to submit a question to be asked (hopefully) at the Fanmeeting. So, would like you - our stars, to submit a question you would like us to ask on behalf of PSHIC!

So what would you like to ask Park Shin Hye & Jang Keun Suk?

To participate: Please leave your question for at our forum - HERE

Deadline: 28 May 2010

Hurry get your questions in NOW!!!


  1. hallo....
    im ayoe from Indonesia n im your fans :-)
    i want ask you (park shin hye n jang keun suk) went you guys come to my beloved country INDONESIA for fanmeeting like in Japan, Singapore,Korea,etc.
    the last question, is there SEQUEL YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL?
    sorry my language not good, i hope you guys can answer my question.


    A.N.JELLS Hwaiting!!

  2. You have good chemistry in You're Beautiful. Behind the scenes, are you really that close to each other? To what extent? (if they can honestly answer that).


  3. How about this query:

    When are the two of you going to admit that you are dating for real?

  4. hi:) i'm a huge fan from the PHILIPPINES. i would like to ask if there are any plans that you guys could come in our country and also do a fanmeeting? and last for park shin hye who is closest to your heart tae kyung or shin woo?

  5. i wish you could ask them my question :) and ket me know what did they answer, thanks. and i hope you're beautiful has a part 2

  6. Lani Natividad (almontel)May 31, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    aiyo..i hope i can still get this question in?
    Q. JGS:we're curious that the description of your ideal girl seem to point 99% towards SH, is it possible that your ideal girl is PSH? since mama Jang approves of PSH, have you started courting her and how many times have you gone out on a date with her? What characteristics of PSH do you like most?

    Q. PSH: Since you mentioned you want to have a boyfriend this year, if JGS was to court you and ask you to be his GF, will you say yes? Please describe your ideal man. What characteristics of JGS do you like most?

  7. i would like to ask them. will they have a filming together in the future. i hope that i can see u both as a couple. i can see the chemistry between u both in you're beautiful. and is there any chance for u both to be a REAL COUPLE. thank u so much.

  8. Will Shin Hye join any fanspage so we can directly write to her?

  9. Teresa:
    You can directly write to her in our forum under .
    We'll be posting the fan letters to her when we hold special projects.

  10. Hi!!
    how r u?!!
    i love u're beautiful and i love ANJELL!!!
    i have just one question
    do u like arabic people?!