Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A.N.JELLs get their own official website in Japan!

Yes, exciting news JUST IN!

Our power idols are making their marks in japan with the launch of A.N.Jells Official Japanese website ( This will raise more interest for the upcoming 1st A.N.Jells Fanmeeting will be held in Tokyo later this month!

Yes, our has expanded into japan. Whats install for us next? You're Beautiful Season 2? What do you think?

It can't get more exciting than that! Stay tuned as we bring you all the details of the Fanmeeting LIVE!!!

More info please visit:


  1. i can't register because i don't understand ! >.<

  2. i love a.n jell. they rock!!! i just cant register! wonder why? hmmppp.. i wish there will bw season 2!!!!!

  3. i wish a.n jell can visit here in Philippines!!!!