Friday, June 18, 2010

Jang Keun Suk mentions Park Shin Hye once again

On his first stop of his Asia Tour, reporters asked Jang Keun Suk about the leading lady in his latest drama series, You’re Beautiful, Park Shin Hye.  As reported by our sister blog, KS2H, he has mentioned her in every fanmeeting event he has held (see their previous analysis HERE).  This latest one from Hong Kong’s press conference does not come as a surprise to many.

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When asked about his leading lady, Park Shin Hye, in the drama 'You're Beautiful":

Jang Keun Suk avoided to answer whether or not they were each other's type that they look for in a potential relationship. However, he did state that the two's ideologies are similar and that his mother likes Park Shin Hye very much!

Although we've all heard this before, what do you think Jang Keun Suk's feelings for Park Shin Hye are?


  1. Ooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooo,i love this so much!!!

  2. OMG! I have too many theories but atm, i'm speechless.

  3. Well well loooooove to hear this <3<3<3

  4. Instead of squelching the news, he keeps adding fuel to it. he could have just stopped at "we are just good friends," instead he keeps reinforcing what we all suspect - there is something more going on! hahahaha! love it! if he has one fault it is that he has a hard time keeping quiet. yay for us!

  5. Omo..omo..this time I'm really smiling since I read this article this evening,girls!..this boy is clever at doing diplomatic answer ^~^..that's another word to say 'yes' I think since they ???è ??? same 'ideologies' n again using his mom for liking ShinHye..omo..omo..clever answer..just want to whisper in his's okay dating her secretly, I'm okay with this..kekeke..

  6. hehehe, I know right? I really do think there is something going on between the two. Sukkie, you're too obvious. But yay for us indeed!!! Gosh can't wait to see them!!!

  7. Well, someone is really being very consistent here, Stars! Agree with Liz, he has the options to deny or give a diplomatic answer...but he chooses not to lie, sticking to half-truths and always using his Omma's feelings about SH to camouflage the 'possible truth'. KS can be many things but he just cannot lie and I respect him so much for that.

  8. If I read between these lines, I am stuck with these terms "similar ideologies of the ideal type". For someone who would supposedly just be friends or former co workers, knowing something this deep tells me there is a deeper relationship going on (best friends, almost lovers, or whatever you want to say). If they are not yet officially together I can respect why he needs to lie low. But that he knows what Shin Hye's type is and that Shin Hye knows his is a good indication they do talk about "types" and are therefore placing each other in the consideration list of potentials.

    And Omma, again. He doesn't need to keep saying this but the way I read that now since it has been an oft blurted response is "Shin Hye is my type and my Omma likes her. So that's that. Leave me alone if you can't help me get her to be together with me. Next question."

  9. LMAOOOO DOT! Love your quoted response~
    Totally agree with you Liz on no need to explain further just say we are good friends like what the other celebs do!

  10. Lani Natividad (almontel)June 19, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    ha ha this news, but why am i not surprised??? oh wells, i wonder when we'd acutally hear the words: We're EXCLUSIVELY dating!!! aiyoooooo...thanks for sharing...
    i hope someone will be bolder to ask more 'private' questions in their upcoming JapFM!!!

  11. I think JKS is just using "his mother" to say he actually likes Shin-hye... not sure they are really dating yet... may be JKS is not shin-hye cup of tea....

    But his answer is really an abnormal answer...

  12. I love to see them together. Somehow I feel I can see 'extreme fondness' shining from their eyes when they look at each other. In their profession, it's important not to disclose their relationship too soon, else the media or anti fans might destroy it before it has time to blossom....So it fine to drop us hints here and there sometimes. Perhaps they're taking it slowly too. Keeping each other in their orbit, yet moving on to separate projects. Wish there will be a director/producer/writers who will ask them to film a drama/movie together. Or YAB , the movie one of these them. waiting to hear more from HK FM and of course the YAB fan meeting in Japan.....

  13. I like your quote, Dot!
    I'm thinking maybe, his coded msg is so that "someone" will understand "just say YES to me already, or i'll keep fanning the flame!!" and officially let he open to everyone about "them" hehehe.. seems like he wants to talk so bad but haven't got the approval from that "someone" ^^

  14. ayayay!!! what i would give to see the expression on his face when he answered this question! did he have his signature naughty grin plastered for everybody to see? or was it a quite smile with hooded eyes? did he shift his eyes even for a bit? i wonder if we can find a clip of this portion on yt!

    i agree liz, he has a hard time keeping quiet! and am admiring him for standing his ground rather than flat out lying and giving the standard, we're just good friends!" must be hard to be in love, keep your mouth shut and wait(?)!!!

    harder still would be being in close proximity to the one you love and not do anything about it- how can you not glimpse and not give a secret smile, touch and not guide or caress, look and not stare, talk and not tease? oh my goodness!!! they'll be having rehearsals pretty soon... and then, ... 7 days... and it'll be ks and sh's first test!

  15. Special request to those who are going to attend the FM in Japan, can you kindly ask JGS if he has a girlfriend at present. You see, we might be wishing for something that is not possible at this time. PSH looks like she's not committed to anybody but with JGS...i'm not too sure. But I'm one with all of you in hoping they do end up as real couple one day cause they look sooo good together! Can wait to see them together in another drama.

  16. Japan FM over. Sigh! no lovey dovey scene that I've come to expect..after JGS steadily builds up my hope in all his FMs when he mentioned his omma liking PSH. Never mind. I take comfort that it's only in public that PSH daren't appear too friendly with her oppa. As long as they're good friends who will support each other in their careers, life..etc. T

  17. Oh my!!! I so agree with dorothy!!!! waaah!!! can't wait to see them officially announcing THEM!!! ^.^

  18. He used to say that they are 'trying' to develop the relationship, and he said that how they 'clicked' together, but i heard another source that shin hye is a bit awkward with him. why is that?

  19. all i wish is for them to be a real couple..and not just behind the camera..
    i love them so much... :)

  20. I honestly believe ShinHye likes him too..She is just probably worried with the antifans...I believe there's really something between them...The feeling is just so huge and screaming that you really notice it everytime you see them together...

  21. kayanya pasangan ini emank benar2 lagi jath cinta....
    kala liat jgs kayangnya mank nyimpan perasaan banget deh sama shin hye,,,,.
    persaan sayang n jatuh cinta gitu,,,,,,

    dan nggak bisa dibohongin,,,

    udah jadian aja deh...

  22. i very very like park shin hye and jang geun suk,, you all partnership, couple agreed, couple hot and funny. sweet dream SUKHYE ........

  23. i also believe that there's something between the two...during jgs last fm in seoul, i noticed that both of them are more demonstrative of their sweetness...they could be more than just brother-sister relationship(as shinhye said in an interview)...

    what is very important is for them to continue whatever relationship they have (FRIENDS OR LOVERS???} even if they would have different screen partners...

    i love the both of them...cute, adorable, sweet

  24. i think that they are more than friends even if they both deny it....actions speak louder than words...when i saw the video of his guesting in ideal type of girl, his eyes were "twinkling" with happiness when he said that his mother likes psh quite a lot and he even made a hand gesture twice when he said that they are a natural was obvious that he likes psh...

    i also think that they are dating with hongki as chaperone....we have to understand that they both have their respective careers to think of especially that they both are very popular now not only in korea but Asia...jgs is also protecting psh against antis...

    Taiwan FM might be their last work together this year before moving on to their separate dramas so i hope that somebody could confirm the real status of their relationship...I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO adorable

  25. oOoOHH! I really hope that they are going out. I can't wait to hear the news if they are now in a relationship! They're closeness is really something so i doubt that there's nothing happening between them>>>>> I'm really HAPPY!!!


  27. wow! love to hear that!
    i really hope they would end up together! forever! :)

  28. so great i hope the both be together :)

  29. dorothy .... i like your comment,,, i do think they r more then best friend,i see many videos of them since i start like them , bts of YAB how they act,, how they looks like make a distance but it seems failed when ended with one of them having a bad mood (ha ha), i just hoping they admitted it ...i really glad if this pairs,, become a real love lover....

    also when i watched the show that sukkie have to pick his IDEAL TYPE girls ... his eyes always got a bit moistured when shin hye is coming out ... athough he pick another girl than shihye, but i agree what the Mc saying

    "So you wanted to date another girl , but marrying PSH ?", he make a denying move and laugh but he didn't do it hard

    so yeah,,,, sukkie... admit it you fall for this girlll ... aish....

    :) Love both of them

  30. love this two so much ican't wait for their next project together, i even watched YAB 7x already and even named my couple shihtzus as suk and shinhye. JGS and PSH have a heart, date even once in a while or team-up again.

  31. Friends, our Sukkie is a Mama's boy and as it is he will follow what his mother ask him to do as this link will prove

    but I have seen many videos that just reinforces what we are all saying that something is going on here..

    1. the interview with George Hu. The way PSH called to JGS to introduce him and her touch on his arm, that's how a GF would act

    2. The making of the award show, he was with Hong Ki, and suddenly Hong Ki pointed to the ring on JGS finger. If looks could kill, Hong Ki would have been dead then and there.

    3. one of Anjell concert in Korea, when PSH, JGS and Jongwha was on stage something was said and PSH ran and held hands with JGS laughing but the shocking bit is, JGS didn't look surprised and he was naturally clasping his hands over hers...that is so 'I like u more than friends' hand held.

    4. More than one behind the scene videos, we see them flirting and also how JGS always take the opportunity to try and kiss her... in the last scene shooting, when he made that bloopers, he came and hug and tried to kiss PSH but she avoided it. She is shy.

    What I am trying to say is, since I have fallen in love many times..LOL... I know all the wants and needs of them to touch, look and flirt...I'm sure u guys who are in love now can vouch for this...hahaha

    I guess u guys must know that I am SO IN LOVE with this couple and I want to see them be together...JGS mom is right...they do fit together naturally!

  32. JGS and PSH addictFebruary 9, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    marrsq...thanks a million for your post...

    I haven't been sleeping well for a week now,since I got to watch their videos once again..OMG
    I have already watched their videos many times,and yet,I still crave for them...
    No doubt,I got addicted to them.
    Hope they'll end up together for real...♥♥♥