Saturday, June 26, 2010

[PHOTOS] A.N.JELL First Fanmeeting - Tokyo 06.26.2010

The FM started with Shin Hye and Keun Suk coming from behind the screen doors on stage singing “STILL.” The whole audience stood and danced to the song. It was awesome. During the second FM, the two of them connected their arms to make a heart when they sang the saranghae part. So cute. We were so high along with everyone else.  After they sang, the MC and translator came out and the four of them sat down. We waved to Shin Hye and she saw smiled straight at us. We were so happy and had a hard time controlling our smiles. During the second FM, both she and Keun Suk looked at us and smiled. During the first FM, just after they sat down, Keun Suk pointed out the fans who dressed like Go Mi Nyu, the novice nun. 

After several questions, we watched the top ten scenes in “You’re Beautiful.” During the first FM we watched all ten clips but for the second one, we didn’t, only several. During the Jeremy bus scene, as they were watching it, Shin Hye got so sad. She looked like she was about to cry. It was so touching. Then in the clip, Jeremy asked Minam why she didn’t like him and Keun Suk said she doesn’t like you or something along that line. Then for the first kiss, during the second fm, they both kinda spazzed. Hahaha. It was so cute. For the “fanmeeting” scene, it was super duper adorable. They had the clip of Taekyung asking Minam which song she would like him to sing for her and she went, “ahh…” then the clip fades and the music came on and Keun Suk sang. He sang for her.  It was beautiful. We sang along. For the scene when Minam wakes up to find the pigrabbit, during the first fm, he was teasing Shin Hye by imitating the very happy Minam and how she was playing with the doll. Shin Hye said that she does it better than him.

The number one scene was the chatting scene. It was so cute during the second FM.  Shin Hye said that her mother laughed when Taekyung saw the 100!! and did his happy squeal. The two of them were sooo cute because they were both imitating Taekyung and how he had his arms up right before he grabbed the pigrabbit to pet. During this one time, the MC asked something about Minam and Shin Hye, and Keun Suk said that today, Shin Hye looks really feminine. Also during this part of the event, they asked him about each character. He said that Jeremy is very funny, Minam is very….sorry I forgot, but then he loves Minyu. Awwww, soo cute!!! And then they asked Shin Hye about the boys and finally matched her with Jeremy. Keun Suk did the Taekyung pout when hearing this answer. They said something about the pout and how Keun Suk couldn’t do it at first and had to use his hand to move his lips back and forth when he was practicing. The two of them did it together.

We then watched video messages from both Yong Hwa and Hongki. It was so sad.  They said because of their schedule, they couldn’t do the FM with the two of them. It was so nice seeing the two of them again. It was sad and touching at the same time.  

After watching the clips and some more talking, they went backstage. Shin Hye came out and did her solo performances. During the second FM, as she was walking out on stage, it was quiet all around and we shouted her name so loud. Hehehe. She had changed into a different outfit; white shirt and black skirt, but only for the first FM. She sang “Lovely Day” and “Glamorous Sky” from “NANA.” She rocks at singing. Her voice was so beautiful and her Japanese was flawless. We were jamming it out.

After Shin Hye’s solo performances, it was Keun Suk’s turn. He came out and sang “Goodbye.” After finishing “Goodbye” he talked to the MC and then continued on his solo performance. He sang “What Should I do.” Then after he finished the song, a clip from the concert scene in episode 16 came on as the lights on stage dimmed. The clip showed Taekyung asking her to come into the light. He was playing Hwang Tae Kyung and was looking for Mi Nyu in the crowd even though the lights on stage were off. He was standing there in the dark, searching. We were screaming so loud and looking around the room for her. Then the side door to the left of us opened and Shin Hye/Mi Nyu would come out there. A silhouette walked and stood in the aisle just like in the drama.  

Then a clip of Shinwoo asking the manager to turn on the lights and all the light in the auditorium came on. Mi Nyu was looking like her sad yet happy character during this scene. Taekyung was standing there and searching the crowd until his glance fell on her.  Then he walked down the stage and toward her. The whole audience was screaming! He said his lines from that scene, and then saranghae and hugged her. Everyone screamed so loud. It was awesome to see this scene in person. After this part, the lights dimmed and the two of them walked out the side door and came on stage. It was quite something. 

They talked a bit and then did the raffle to give out prizes. Shin Hye signed an ANJELL towel and a photo of her while Keun Suk signed his apron and a keychain with his initials, JKS, and had his autograph engraved in. A guy got Keun Suk’s apron, Keun Suk said they should cook together. After that, they went backstage again.

Then Shin Hye came out and did her dance number. It was sooo HOT!!! She’s such a wonderful dancer and from watching her Satisfaction/Gee dance video, you know how well she dances. We couldn’t stop screaming out her name. She danced to two songs, the first is Leona Lewis’ “Yesterday” and the second was to Kesha’s “Tic Toc”. She is an amazing dancer. We were mesmerized. After she finished, we shouted super loud, “Park Shin Hye, you’re awesome” twice as she walked back stage. Then all four came out and Shin Hye was still dressed in her dance clothes with thigh high boots. The MC asked Keun Suk something about her boots, but we don’t know what was asked and what he said, but Shin Hye seemed a bit shy. During the second FM, after her danced, Keun Suk was asked what he thought of it and he said that she was an awesome dancer. She told the MC that Keun Suk oppa also dances Sexy Back well so he danced a bit of it for us.

And then they sang “Promise.” It was their last performance for the FM. Everyone was up and dancing and singing along. Seriously everyone was so high. During the second FM, Mee swung her ANJELL fanlight a bit too hard and the top flew off and hit a fan’s head. The fan looked back and Mee apologized to her as she handed the tip back. Hahahaha. Then this person came out and handed the two of them the wing headbands and the two of them put them on. They were sooo cute. As they were singing, they did the ANJELL kiss and doing the half heart with their free hand. Then after the song, they threw their headbands into the crowd and Mee caught Keun Suk’s headband! It was soo much fun! And during the song, confetti was shot up into the air. It was super awesome!

During the second FM, after they sang ‘Promise’, the crowd was shouting “encore, encore” and they came back out and sang “Still.” OMG, we had so much fun jumping up and down and singing to the song.

Then the MC told everyone that Keun Suk couldn’t high five. The crowd was sad but he injured his hand. Instead, he walked around the auditorium. When he was on the stairs coming down, Mee shouted, “Jang Keun Suk, DAKCHAN!!!” twice and he stood right on the steps and did it! Hehehe. After he finished his walk, we waited for Shin Hye to come out. We were all giddy with happiness to get to high five her. Hahaha, we were soo crazily happy. During the first one, we said, “You’re so beautiful. I love you.” and shook her hand. She said “kamsahapnida” and “arigatoo”. She’s super beautiful and lovely. She shook all of our hands.  During the second one, Mee went up first and said, “It’s so nice seeing you again. I love you.” And as she was saying this, Shin Hye went, “awww, thank you so much.” Mee shook her hand again and because karrenstar saw her super duper cute expression she asked for a hug. Mee couldn’t get a hug because security was pushing us away to keep the line moving. And so with the high fives, that ended the two FMs.

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