Saturday, July 31, 2010

Park Shin Hye leaves behind Jang Geun Suk to come to Taiwan to sell cosmetics

In the Korean drama, "You're Beautiful", starring Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk, Shin Hye dresses up as a boy in order to sneak into the boy band "A.N.JELL", to become a vocalist. This cross-dressing cute-boy image of hers has led to her path to fame, snatching the spokesperson deal with Korean comestic brand "Etude House". Arriving on Father's day and visiting Taiwan for the first time, she's going to race off to Kaohsiung City in order to attend the promotional event and help promote the products.

In the Korean drama "Stairways to Heaven" seven years ago, she acted as the young Han Jung-suh/ Kim Ji-soo. Last year, after finally gaining much popularity and recognition from "You're Beautiful" , contracts for CFs and new dramas and films have been pouring in nonstop. "You're Beautiful" began airing last night, and will continue from Monday to Fridays nightly at 9pm on ETTV, dubbed in Mandarin, and the original version, in Korean, will air nightly at 12am. Last night, the ratings were at an amazing 1.14%, with viewership being approximately 250,000.

Translated by myrsy


This news is from Next Media news site.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

De Cafe Analog

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A must know for all fans of Shin Hye is that De Cafe Analog is her favourite cafe. As a coffee lover, she will go and hang out at this cafe very often with her friends in her spare time.

Sweetberry_xx & I visited this cafe while on our trip to Seoul, so this is our little guide for you all Stars!! ^^

De Cafe Analog is situated in Cheonho and it's about a 10 minute walk from Cheonho Station. It was quiet hard to navigate as the maps online were slightly different to the actual location, however we were lucky enough to get there in one peace!

As soon as we entered the cafe we were greeted by a wall of polaroid photo board and a few pictures of our Star, Shin Hye~~

The cafe had great ambiance and after tasting it's Iced Mocha, we definitely understand why this is Shin Hye's favourite cafe. In my own opinion, that drink is probably one of the best tasting Iced Mochas I've ever had!!

Lastly, theres more pictures available on our thread on our forum~ Check it out ^__^

Shin Hye heads for Taiwan


Shin Hye is set to make an appearance in Taiwan on 8 August, 2010.

She will be in Taiwan for a fan-signing session at Etude House in Kaohsiung City.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="447" caption="Event Details"][/caption]
New Etude House shop opening in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
Date: August 8 2010 (Sunday)
"You're Beautiful main actress ~ Park Shin Hye
will fly to Taiwan from Seoul.
She will experience Taiwan's summer passion and energy and will give out Etude House gifts to Etude House fans in Taiwan "

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaser poster for Cyrano Dating Agency

How cute is that? Here’s the first official poster for the movie Cyrano; Dating Agency (argh at their use of the semi-colon), which stars Uhm Tae-woong as the owner of said dating agency who helps the timidDaniel Choi woo Lee Min-jung (and falls for her in the process). It’s also the first time we’ve seen Park Shin-hye pictured as part of the movie; she plays Uhm’s employee as a strategist with the agency.

The dating agency, as described, is a cut above your ordinary matchmaking service. The employees aren’t merely out to pair singles together, but go so far as to concoct schemes designed to maneuver their client into prime romantic scenarios with their intended targets. For instance: Daniel Choi is too shy to approach Lee Min-jung directly, so Uhm’s team enacts a game plan to initiate contact.

The poster suits the fluffy-fun premise of the movie, and just as long as they don’t get too broad with the schemes, I think we’ve got the setup for an entertaining comic movie.

The film doesn’t have a fixed released date yet, but is tentatively planned for a September premiere.


Credit: javabeans@Dramabeans

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[2010-07-20.24] Shin Hye CYWorld Updates

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Words below profile pic:
Be Happy...^^

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1. A Midsummer Night's Dream by Lee Jin-wook

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[INTERVIEW] CINE21's Interview with Cyrano's Director Kim


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Thank you shinhyenet for the tip!

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Registration Information

A few are having trouble registering on our new forum.

Here is a registration guide:

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Bigger and Better Forum!

With the inevitable increase of our visitations numbers to our website since the fanmeeting, we have decided after much discussion to integrate our much anticipated Forum into our homepage which will make it much easier for both you Stars and Shin Hye herself to use when she visits! (now she definitely knows our site exists!)

However, for us to make such a big change, it will be necessary for all Stars to register again.

Please register soon as well we will releasing Part 2 of our private meeting with Park Shin Hye very soon as a welcome present!

We look welcome all Stars to our new and better forum! See you there!~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Park Shin Hye is on Twitter!

Yes, our lovely star has just got Twitter ^^

The cast & crew of Cyrano Agency must of convinced her to join the twitter bandwagon! <3

Follow Shin Hye:

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[2010-07-12] Shin Hye CYWorld Updates

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

[2010-07-11] Shin Hye Cyworld Update!!!!!

Thank You Shin Hye for meeting us ^^

We all love you very much!!!! <3

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Friday, July 9, 2010

[UPDATE] SH in Japan & Manager Jjun CY

New pictures of Shin Hye in Japan!

Manager Jjun also updated his Cyworld of himself and left us a message too!

Thanks Manager Jjun ^^

and yes Stars~ We also gave Manager Jjun a birthday present on behalf of everyone at the meeting with our Shin Hye! We'll give you all the low-down on it soon ^^~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

[2010-07-08] Me2day Update!

Heres the translations for her me2day update!

[ENG] Shin Hye's CYWorld and me2DAY Updates

Shin Hye's CYWorld July 6 update:
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me2DAY July 7 Update:
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Cyrano Agency Movie Week Interview

MovieWeek NO.435 (2010.07.06 - 07.13)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="427" caption="Comments from Cyrano’s Director"][/caption]
Park Shin Hye
I have been concerned about Shinhye’s age.
Shinhye’s role, Min-Young, keeps the balance like a precious child.
Although the other Cyrano’s members are much older than her, they are clumsy.
But she plays perfectly unlikely a young actress.
She adds freshness to the whole movie.
Now I am unaware of that she is young.

- Credit : Paris is Burning from DC Gallery
- Translation :

Thank You ^^

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[2010-07-06] Manager Jjun Cyworld Update

Latest update & translation of Manager Jjun~

Thank You ^^

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="Park Shin Hye with PSHIC"][/caption]

Remeber the "I Love Hacci" tee that was featured on Nate news yesterday? ;P
Here's the translation to the article if it doesn't ring a bell :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Park Shin Hye, a little overwhelmed by the Hallyu Wave

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Cross dresser in <You're Beautiful> has propelled Park Shin Hye into the Hallyu Wave status. On June 26, at Shibuya CC Lemon Hall in Tokyo, Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk held a very successfully fanmeeting for their drama <You're Beautiful>. Park Shin Hye stated that "I only heard about the Korean wave before. Now that I have actually seen it myself, I feel very over whelmed and touched at the same time."

Park Shin Hye had put special efforts into preparing for this sold out fanmeeting, in between filming CFs and a movie and of my spare time practicing Kesha 'Tik Tok' powerful special stage. Fans were impressed by the special stage and all fans shared a special moment high 5-ing Park Shin Hye. Ava Entertainment stated that "the situation and popularity at the FM was higher than what we expected. Park Shin Hye has got a lot of motivation from the love from fans".

Many fans were waiting for Park Shin Hye's arrived in Japan at Haneda Airport, in particular was the adoring international fans from Australia, United States & Hong Kong who wore "I ♥ Hacci (Park Shin Hye's Nickname) " t-shirts to the surprise of Park Shin Hye.

Avex staff that conducted the fan meeting also stated that <You're Beautiful> popularity is very hot right now and thanks to 'Go Mi Nam' Japanese fans are gaining interest in Park Shin Hye.

credit: Nate news

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[UPDATE] Park Shin Hye's CY July 5

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On a date with Nha Trang

Words below display picture:
The one stupid person who cannot confirm(check) her grades is on (school) holiday.