Friday, July 9, 2010



  1. DOT!!!!!!!!! I love your fanaccount. You write it so well and so much better.
    Hehehe, we both forgot to write how we were so happy seeing the reenactment, we were hugging each other. Hehehe. That was so much fun and we screamed so much.

    You're such an awesome writer. I like your fanaccount so much better than mine.

    I love that she spoke to all of us. I got a "kamasahamida" Lee got a "arigatou gozaimasu" and you got a "thank you." awwwwww soooo cute!!!!!

  2. I love both of your fan account. I think both of you did a great job of writing it. I'm so happy that you guys though of us and give a flower to PSH on our behalf. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You for everything. If you guys needed help to contribue on presents for PSH. Please let me know and I'll give what I can. Thank for your hard work.

  3. Thanks for your fan account! I felt like I was really there the whole time I was reading it! :) I just want to ask a question... How did you guys get a photo with Shinhye??? :)

  4. Thanks for promoting us even we can't make it there....

  5. Thanks for your Fan account,love both of Mee's & your ones, feel happy when read them. Miss PSHIC forum so much

  6. you all had such a great marvelous time with GS and SH!!! wow!!!
    i really really wish we could have been there spazzing with you all!

    thanks for sharing your wonderful FA!

    did anyone see any interaction between SH and mama jang at all???

  7. soooo cool!
    jangeos know, yeah, why he was nervous. but happy he did a great job. must have been because he was with shin hye this time.
    i also love how they spazz together. they are so in sync.
    thanks heaps, dot!

  8. oww..D,it's like a journey...luv it...

  9. I apologize for not replying quickly, I am not being a snob! :p Thanks much for the lovely comments. I really had a great time, especially fangirling right next to Mee. haha!! It's almost a month since it happened and I'm missing y'all. :)