Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaser poster for Cyrano Dating Agency

How cute is that? Here’s the first official poster for the movie Cyrano; Dating Agency (argh at their use of the semi-colon), which stars Uhm Tae-woong as the owner of said dating agency who helps the timidDaniel Choi woo Lee Min-jung (and falls for her in the process). It’s also the first time we’ve seen Park Shin-hye pictured as part of the movie; she plays Uhm’s employee as a strategist with the agency.

The dating agency, as described, is a cut above your ordinary matchmaking service. The employees aren’t merely out to pair singles together, but go so far as to concoct schemes designed to maneuver their client into prime romantic scenarios with their intended targets. For instance: Daniel Choi is too shy to approach Lee Min-jung directly, so Uhm’s team enacts a game plan to initiate contact.

The poster suits the fluffy-fun premise of the movie, and just as long as they don’t get too broad with the schemes, I think we’ve got the setup for an entertaining comic movie.

The film doesn’t have a fixed released date yet, but is tentatively planned for a September premiere.

Via CBS.co.kr

Credit: javabeans@Dramabeans

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