Friday, August 6, 2010

PROJECT: Park Shin Hye Inspired

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Habitat for Humanity"][/caption]

Park Shin Hye 2011 Birthday Project(s):

Star Angels,

Over the last year, we have seen Shin Hye participated in many charity events. She went to Nepal during the winter of 2009 and even dressed as Santa to hand out presents to the children working at a rock quarry. She along with other stars participated in the Danbi charity event where they built a dream car for a disable man and his family. For the Haiti earthquake, she reached out calling for help from the community to donate what they can to help the victims there. And just recently, we see her along with her manager, sweating out in the hot and humid weather working alongside other volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. During all these events, we see a very happy Shin Hye. She wants to help out, that's the aura we get when we see her in all the photos. She didn't do it because of her agency; she did them because she wants to. That is who she is.

So to give to our Star, we have this to propose to all our members. Before her next birthday, we would like all our stars to go out into your community and help out. It could be anything. When you are doing your volunteering event, take a photo of yourself and write a message to Shin Hye. All photo messages will be collected and combined into a book or something along the line and will be given to Shin Hye for her next birthday. Could you imagine her seeing what we have done because she has inspired us to be better and to give back to our community just like her?

Please leave your name on the thread in our forum ( letting us know if you will volunteer for an event or events in your community.

For Park Shin Hye International Fanclub, we were so touched and inspired by her outreach for help for the Haitians, we and international fans were about to donate about $1, 100(= KRW$1,136,000) to UNIFEC. You can read more on this donation here: