Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ANJELLTaiwan FM Project 2: Fans English Dictionary & Fan-letterCollection

We will be adding this to the accessory project.

Fans English Dictionary & Fan-letter Collection:
1. Write a word or phrase in English that you would like Park Shin Hye to learn/know in the future
2. Must be attach with a fan-letter to her in English/Korean.

You must complete both the word/phrase card and fan-letter for us to stick it into a scrap book!

Please follow the following Guidelines.

Word/Phrase Card
1. Word/Phrase must be written on a nice stationery paper (preferably harder than normal paper) with this specific size: 15cm (width) x 5cm (height) - You may cut this specific size out of a larger paper
2. Word/Phrase must not contain any offensive terms/language
3. Please write your name and country on the bottom
4. Remember it is a word/phrase YOU would like Park Shin Hye to learn/know.

1. Maximum of 2 pages
2. the fan-letter MUST be in an envelope
3. Must not be enclosed at the back (it'll be easier for Shin Hye to open the envelope and read your letter!)
4. Please write your Name & Country on the BACK of the letter

Sending it to us:
1. You MUST put the Word/Phrase Card and Fan-letter (inside an envelope) in a separate envelope to send it to us
2. Please send it to the following address
3. All of these should be sent to us by September 26 which will be put inside a scrapebook.

NOTE: If you write long fanletters, Shin Hye might not have time to read all of it.

Please send your letter to:

I will be gone until September 19th, but if you send it in a regular envelop, they will put it in my mailbox.

Any questions, please ask.