Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cyrano stars sing a duo of duets

The romantic-comedy film Cyrano; Dating Agency has put out a digital album, which features two songs recorded by the movie’s four stars. The album was released on the 7th, and you can listen below.

The song It Was You features the two ladies, Park Shin-hye and Lee Min-jung, and is a light ballad.

Now, that track is all right. Sweet, whatever. But this next one with the boys? IT’S ADORABLE. Toe-tappingly cute.

Daniel Choi, Uhm Tae-woong – I went to Cheonggyesan Mt.

The title has the connotation of going to Cheonggyesan without meaning to. In the song, there’s an exchange about how Daniel Choi’s character hasn’t had the courage to confess his love, and he keeps hesitating. In an early verse, Daniel sings about how he’s driving along the road and missed his turn because he didn’t have courage, “and I ended up at Cheonggyesan.” Then he and Uhm Tae-woong sigh about how they sure end up at Cheonggyesan a lot these days.

Super-cute, isn’t it?

Cyrano; Dating Agency opens on September 16, and can I just say I’m DYING to see it. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being horrible, but everything I see gets me excited for the hilarious hijinks, the fresh take on the familiar Cyrano story, and the endearing cast.

Basic plot: Uhm Tae-woong runs a dating agency that caters toward people with awful luck in the dating game, as we see in the intro scenes. His team of specialists, which includes Park Shin-hye, analyzes the client’s situation and creates scenarios designed to let the client shine — giving him/her plenty of practice beforehand, of course. One day Daniel Choi comes in hoping to win the heart of his crush, Lee Min-jung. They plan meetings and even feed him dialogue through a wire. Alas, a wrinkle appears when something happens between Uhm and the target, and Park Shin-hye accuses him of messing things up. (The suggestion is that he falls for Lee Min-jung as well. Uh-oh!)

Credit: Javabeans @ Dramabeans