Monday, September 27, 2010

Hayate holds Press Conference & Official Fan Account

It's all but confirmed!

Our Star, Park Shin Hye's next drama will be Hayate the Combat Butler in Taiwan!

The cast held an official Press Conference earlier today at Taipei's Drama Festival.

Official Fan Account:
Shin Hye was really beautiful today and she greeted the media & fans with a little bit of Chinese that she has been learning.

George Hu also taught Shin Hye how to say her character's Chinese name.

As Shin Hye was not familiar with the cast, she was a little shy, however she was very cute!

Filming for Hayate the Combat Butler will start on October 12, 2010.

On the side note, Shin Hye's english name is Alice Park! ^^

Check out the photos from the press conference!

Special Thanks to Park Shin Hye Taiwan First Fanclub & Nikki for the photos & fan account!!

Do not redistribute without their permission!


  1. Love it!!!!! Thanks myrsy for the translations and photo updates :)

  2. Thanks myrsy for the photos^^ Is there any videos of the interview?

  3. thanks for the photos...she is pretty and sexy too and george is cute and looks like a gentleman and nice...goodluck on the Hayate drama. may it be successful and reap rewards for shinhye...miss her on the small screen.

  4. Wow. Good luck Shin Hye. I really really adore u...

  5. thanks so much for the photos! i will definitely watch this when it comes out. :P lovvvvvvvvveeeeeee it!

  6. tq 4 photos..i love it..shinhye hwaiting!!

  7. ohh, shes really beautiful!! thanks for the updates!!!

  8. iloveparkshinhye4everSeptember 28, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    what's with the second to the last picture?? i thought her left nipple is shown..

  9. Shinhye is beauty.
    Thanks myrsy for the photos & information.

  10. i just noticed in the 3rd pix, how that guy is staring at shinhye...he was mesmerized by her beauty

  11. wow she is so beautiful and agree with tata that guy is mesmerized.....hehehehehe i think she'll get along well with all as she always around boys.......she's very beatufiul not too skiinnnnyyy like most actresses out there she's perfection......god bless and they look cute together god bless

  12. シネちゃんかわいい!!
    2人がカップルだったらどんなにうれしいか (^0^)/