Sunday, September 26, 2010

Korean movies hit the jackpot over Chuseok holiday

During this Chuseok holiday, a film has already managed to bring in six million moviegoers, and three other films have recorded one million in attendance as well.

According to reports by the Korean Film Council on September 26th, Wonbin’s “The Man From Nowhere” recorded 320,000 tickets sold over Chuseok, bringing the total up to 5.98 million since its release on September 4th.  From the 16th through the 25th, about 32,000 Koreans have been visiting the theaters every single day. The council predicts that “The Man From Nowhere” will reach six million by today, making it the highest box-office draw of the year.

Mujeokja” took first at the box office during Chuseok with a 1,157,498 member audience. Second was “Cyrano Agency” with 1,150,052 tickets sold. “Action,” which was released a week before both of the aforementioned films, recently managed to hit the one million mark, with 774,242 viewers  having watched it over Chuseok, bringing the total to 1,568,176.

One of the most important points is that the top five ranking includes three Korean movies, and a total of six are ranked in top 10. Although a lot of foreign films were released at the time, it seems as if Korean films have managed to capture the hearts of moviegoers.

Source + Photos: Sports World

Credit: Allkpop