Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shin Hye for Easy Magazine

Park Shin Hye from indifference to enthusiasm

or Easy Magazine (September Issue)

In the absence of school, when Park Shin Hye was already a great yearning for university life, but until the real time of admission, she experienced some minor setbacks.
Because the relationship is already a star, although the Park Shin Hye serious efforts every day to school, but the school's students was deliberately indifferent to her and take her and the film department of Tongji Sheng comparison, she is not too happy.

Fortunately, with Park Shin Hye optimistic, cheerful personality, she and her classmates opened immediately of misunderstanding, became good friends.

"You're Beautiful"
Turned out to be but good-hearted nuns love trouble, but because of last resort because my brother became the eye of the idol disguised as a man.
Such a bold and interesting story to Park Shin Hye plays the moment they see there will be a star in the decision.

To cope with the high male beauty play a role, Park Shin Hye cut her beautiful hair.

For the understanding of the role, Park Shin Hye said she thought the characteristics of male beauty is a big smile, so in preparation to do, she had a good practice at home like a handsome smile.

Park Shin Hye seriously try to figure out the role, but also for the role of male beauty that set a very special tone of voice.

Park Shin Hye
role: the high male beauty
status: eye of the idol

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