Sunday, October 3, 2010

[PHOTOS] A.N.SHOW Fan Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan


We arrived at the event hall around 5:15pm, and met up with the Taiwanese Fanclub. They were really nice and had hung up our banner earlier since we couldn’t be there. While waiting to go inside, we handed out the goodies we made, stickers and bookmarks.  They were well received by the fans. Many came back and wanted extras. The hour wore on and we chatted and took photos together with the Taiwanese Fanclub members before we went inside.

Inside, Karen and Mee sat on the 6th row to the left side of the stage while Maize and Shirley sat on the right side. Maize and Shirley were sitting in the same area as the Taiwanese fanclub members. Each of us had a small banner and Karen had the lightsign that says, “I <3 Hacci.” And we were wearing our “I <3 Hacci” shirts.

Because we wore our shirts, one of our very own members, Cheri, spotted us and came to greet us. We were very happy to meet her and she was really nice. We all miss her!

The show eventually started about half and hour to 45 minutes after the initial start time, but that was all right. We were all nervous and happy for the show to begin, and then it did.

First we saw their heads, upper bodies, and then finally all of them as they were elevated up from below. They began the concert because it was really more of a concert than a fanmeeting with “Promise” and “Still.”

We screamed so loud and held our lightsign toward Shinhye so that she will spot us and spot us she did. She saw Karen and Mee. She looked at us intensively, smiled, and waved. She recognized us. We were so happy and couldn’t sit still. We waved crazily back to her. It felt wonderful.  And throughout the concert, she would glance in our direction here and there. She also knew we were taking photos so she looked many times in our direction.

Shin Hye and Keun Suk looked very nice and they were matching in clothing too. She is always beautiful. Her dress and outerwear was just amazing. They looked stunning on her.  Love her long curly hair and the temporary tattoo on her hand.

After finishing the song, the lights dim and the two went back stage.  We watched a slideshow showing Keun Suk as a baby up to himself as Hwang Tae Kyung.  Then Keun Suk appeared again from below, but this time, leaning against a white piano.  There were dancers dancing on the upper stage while he sang, “Fly Me to The Moon.” He sang it well. Toward the end of the song, he walked down the runway and sat on the chair that was placed there. Once the song ended, a new one began; this time, “I’m in Love.” It was a beautiful song. The platform under the stage rose and he was elevated up. Disco lights were hanging underneath the platform.

Then he walked toward the piano after the platform was lowered and finished the song. Then he introduced his song “Gotta Getcha” and told us to sing “bababababa.” The song was very catchy and he was very good. Half way through the song, he boarded the car and went around the stadium singing and dancing.

Once his solo performances were finished, it was Shin Hye’s turn. Like Keun Suk we watched her slideshow of her as a child and she was super cute, adorable to the core. She started off her solo performance by dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” She had changed into a shimmering short dress with black leather leggings. She looked amazing and super HOT!!! She is a wonderful dancer, very talented. You can see she is a practiced dancer as she can move her body easily to the music. She was smokin’ with her hair flying about!!! She looked like she was having a great time dancing and we could see that.

Once her dance performance was finished, she went on to sing “Glamorous Sky.” She had sung this at the A.N.JELL FM in Japan in June. Her voice was amazing and she was an awesome singer. She really put all her emotion into the song and you can feel the emotion she was conveying through her voice. She was just pure wonderful. She completely rocked the stadium.

Changing tempo, she went from “Glamorous Sky” to “Lovely Day.” With this song, she got on the car and went around the stadium. 

When Shin Hye finished her solo performances, Keun Suk came back out and sang, “Good-bye” followed by “What Should I do.” He had changed clothes and came out with a tan tee under a white blazer. He poured his heart our during “What Should I Do” and reenacting as Hwang Tae Kyung, he was searching for his Mi Nam who was among the crowd. Shin Hye came up from down below the stage. So Keun Suk walked up the runway to where Shin Hye was standing and grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to look at him.  After saying Hwang Tae Kyung’s lines, he pulled her into a hugged, said, “Saranghae”-“Go Mi Nam” and turned his head toward her hair.  The lights dimmed and they walked backstage.

Then Keun Suk came back out followed by the translator, MC, and two fans who had won the drawing and were to reenact a scene from “You’re Beautiful.” That scene? The end of episode 12 where Hwang Tae Kyung gives Mi Nam permission to like him. The fans were pretty good.  Keun Suk was hilarious because he kept ng-ing. And when he hugged the girls, everyone screamed. The second fan was most lucky for she got a kiss from him.  Then the crowd got sad and wanted to be Mi Nam too, so Keun Suk pointed all around the stadium and went, “Go Mi Nam, Go Mi Nam, Go Mi Nam…” and then gave all of us permission to like him. The funniest thing was how he ended the question. He ended it with a hilarious and dorky move. You have Hwang Tae Kyung’s seriousness and then Keun Suk’s playfulness; I supposed that’s why eels love him so much.

Once the reenactment was finished, the two fans went back to their seats and Shin Hye walked out, this time with a different set of clothing. She wore a short black dress with a short sleeve jacket and ruffles. Together they sang the duet of “Without a Word.” It was wonderful hearing them sing this song together and they sang it very well. Their voice was amazing. This must be the best version of “Without a Word” by far. It was just nice to hear the two of them sing this song together and you can see from their facial expression that they truly feel this song.  But this makes you kind of sad that this is the last ANJELL Fanmeeting.

When the song ended, Shin Hye went backstage and changed into leggings, short black dress, and a very color sweater. Her outfit makes me think of the 80s. She looked gorgeous in it and extremely cute with her hair the way it was. She was so cute; you just want to pinch her cheek. That was how cute she was. She came on stage and she and Keun Suk talked a bit and then seven lucky fans came out to dance “Gee” with her. One of the fans was a little girl. Shin Hye went and gave her a hug. It was the cutest thing.  There was a guy up on stage too and he pinned a small dwaejitokki on his front and Shin Hye said something along the line that the dwaejitokki and she are long time friends and she did the dwaejitokki nose and went to touch the doll’s nose. How cute! During this time, Keun Suk moved to the side to let Shin Hye stand in the middle, giving her the spotlight because now was her turn.  The MC went to ask Keun Suk if he had any advice to give to the guy and he walked over and instead of saying something like, “She’s mine” he shook the guy’s hand instead and said, “Good luck.”

And so Shin Hye and the fans on stage danced to Gee. She has proven that she is a wonderful dancer time and again, but every time she dances, she never fails to amaze and surprise us at how talented she is, and so we watched in awe as she danced, moving her body to the song, making the right facial expressions, and just having a wonderful time dancing.

When that was over, she went backstage and changed out of her sweater and instead put on a blue blazer. She came back out and sang, “Little Sunshine” the Chinese remake of her “Lovely Day.” Her Chinese pronunciation was very clear and you know she has been practicing.  She went on the car and was taken around the gym in it.

When she finished, Keun Suk came out and we were told by them it’s the last song of the night. To end the fanmeeting turned concert, they sang the Chinese duet song, “Today, You Will Marry Me” by Jolin Tsai and David Tao. It was such a cute song and matched perfectly. When they got to the part in the song where the original singers were saying their names, Keun Suk and Shin Hye said theirs instead. Shin Hye sang, “Keun Suk in the house” and Keun Suk replied, “Shin Hye in the house.” But for the second Shin Hye in the house, he said instead, “Mi Nam in the house.” Not sure if it was on purpose but does Tae Kyung misses his Mi Nam? The song ended wonderfully with Keun Suk reaching his left hand out for Shin Hye to take, but she shook it instead. That didn’t satisfied him for he grabbed her right wrist and ran oh so cute, the two of them, backstage, with Shin Hye waving the balloon flower she got in the air and a look of surprise.

When they went backstage, the audience was shouting “Encore, encore, encore” and eventually they came out. They have changed outfits yet again.  Shin Hye wore the same outfit she wore during her “Gee” dance and Keun Suk had changed to his t-shirt that says, “I <3 Fans,” and ripped between the I <3 and Fan. We watched fanvids and they were given a Chinese lantern and on there, it was written, Suk, Hye Love You Forever. Keun Suk said some things to the fans and using his index finger, kissed it and place the kiss on the balloon. Then it was Shin Hye’s turn. She said it was really hard rehearsing and that she had made many mistakes and she thanked her fans for their support and then she started crying. It was so sad. She was crying, and we got super sad. We shouted out, “We love Hacci.” “Hacci Saranghaeyo” and she broke down again. It was so sad. We just kept shouting out that we love her. After her teary thanks to the fan, she kissed her index finger and placed it over where Keun Suk had placed his. Then they handed the lantern to a worker to take it backstage and Keun Suk told him to be careful. And as they walked back, you can see Keun Suk patting Shin Hye’s back.

Then together they sang Promise and Still again for the encore. During “Promise,” we tossed a bouquet of flowers on stage. We wanted Shin Hye to pick it up but she didn’t see it. When she walked back toward the stage, we thought she would see it but she didn’t, instead she walked right pass. But then! To our utter amazement and spazziness, Keun Suk saw and he picked it up, smelled it, and walked to Shin Hye, knelt down and gave it to her!!! It was PERFECT! The night ended on a high note.

We were all so happy and it was so much fun being there and seeing Shin Hye again along with Keun Suk. The two of them were awesome. Shin Hye was much more comfortable and she was very lively and genki (energetic, happy) all evening. It was an incredible experience, one which we will never forget.