Thursday, October 28, 2010

Etude House: Golden Ratio Collection

Want to look fabulous on a night out?

Well, you don't have to look any further Etude House Princesses!

This Golden Ratio Collection will not only make you look glamourous but also feel fabulous!

Here are the product details for your perfect night out! (curtsey of Etude House Philippines - Thank You!!!)

Golden Ratio Face Glam (comes in Gold and Pink)


Moist Highlighting Glow
Dual (liquid & cream) base highlighters applicable to T & C zones, cheekbones and eyes for brightening, highlighting coverage and subtle pearl expression.

Golden Ratio Contour Maker (comes in Gold and Pink)

1. Facial Contour Sculpting with Highlight & Shade Tones
*Highlighter : Supplies brightening and glow for accentuation of T-zone, cheekbones, under eye and chin areas.
*Shading : Light shading tones for more natural expression to contouring supplies pearl expression
2.  Oil Control
Formulated with Sebum Control Powder & Coating Pigment to absorb facial oil, maintain integrity  and promote complexion brightness.
3. Soft, Silky Touch
Soft textured makeup supplies smooth application and lasting adhesion.

Golden Ratio Designing Conté


1. Convenient Conté Crayon Application
Powder pastel crayons baked with terra cotta methods for convenient and
natural expression shading and color gradation to facial contouring.

  • Applicable to shade  along hair & jaw lines, eye sockets, sides of nose for contouring

  • Applicable as stick type eye shadow

  • Applicable to shade brows

2. Soft & Silky Texture
Baked powder with silicone coating supplies soft, adhesive texture and smooth, long lasting finish.

Golden Ratio Tear Drop Powder


1. Vivid Natural Earth Tones
Pearl infused color pigment supplies deep and vivid expression in natural gold, brown and grey tones.
2. Adhesive Loose Pearl Powder
Loose powder supplies soft touch adhesion with minimal flaking and resilient expression. Applicable with either brush or fingers.

Color My Brows (Brow Color Enhancement in Light & Rich Brown)


Eyebrow Mascara supplies brown/gold tones to match the various color treatments for Asian hair.
1. Color Tint
Cream tint texture formulated with Soft-Hold Gel to work into brows comfortably and hold their shape all day.
2. Mascara Application
Mascara brush application combs and grooms brows while naturally changing their color without effort.
Choose appropriate brow color to naturally match hair color.

Now that you had a chance to get to know these products, be sure to add these items to your most wanted list!