Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Hayate" filming postponed to give their character a makeover

GTV previously announced their new drama project, “Hayate the Combat Butler” at the Taipei Television Festival back in September. But its filming has been put on hold for almost a month now because their initial character images were unsatisfactory, and lacking prestige.  While they were getting a makeover, lead actress Park Shin Hye went back to Korea for a month break. She returned just a few days ago to resume filming with the rest of the cast. Tia Li, who’s playing the house maid in the drama, was not in her maid wardrobe; instead, she looked elegant with her curled hair and high heels.

George Hu was spotted chatting with Tia, and so the media asked if he had been mesmerized by the model, but George quickly explained, “I was only asking her how to set up a micro-blog.” It turned out that George has been quite outdated with the internet. With many celebs opening micro-blogs lately, George also wanted to hop onto the bandwagon. Tia simply instructed, “Just write what ever you like, and that’s it!”

It is GTV’s first time working with a Korean actress; taking things seriously, they asked all the actors to rehearse the script at the production company before filming. Tia expressed that she is very nervous as it is her first drama (she had a cameo role in Summer’s Desire), but she also feels very lucky to be working with George, complimenting that he’s polite and good looking.

Credit: CpopAccess