Friday, October 29, 2010

Star Angel Birthday Card Project 2011

As we want to make Shin Hye's 22nd birthday even more special and personal from our Star Angels, we decided to call upon our Star Angels to send in your very own personalised Birthday Card for Shin Hye!

Together we will be turning all these personalised Birthday Cards into a Birthday Card scrap book!

In addition we will ask all our Star Angels to fold a Star Origami to fill a glass jar. This way, whenever Shin Hye looks at those stars, she'll think of us and how we are always thinking of her and supporting her.

Birthday Card Guidelines:

  1. Size: Standard Card (4in x 6in/10cm x 15cm)

  2. Please write your own personalised message for Shin Hye's 22nd Birthday

  3. Post the card to us along with the Star Origami in the envelope

Star Origami Guidelines:

  1. Purchase some Star Origami Strips from your local stationary store or make your own by cutting a narrow strip of paper 1cm wide & 20cm in length

  2. Follow the Star Origami Instructions HERE

  3. For postage purposes, please STOP at step 6

  4. Place the Star Origami in with your Birthday Card and post it to the following address


30 January 2011

Please send your letter to:

Mee Xiong

5-445-1 #203

Makuhari-cho, Hanamigawa-ku

Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken

JAPAN 262-0032

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!