Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrities express concerns for the artillery skirmish between the Koreas


In South Korea, people initially responded with shock to the altercation in which North Korea fired artillery shells at a South Korean island populated by civilians. Various celebrities expressed their concerns and feelings about this matter via Twitter.

Jay Park wrote on his personal Twitter, “I just heard the news. Everybody please be safe. I’m very concerned.”

Simon D of Supreme Team reflected, “I hope that the issue does not escalate and there are no more casualties. NO WAR”.

T-ara’s Eunjung said, “I know. This is an extremely serious matter. I’m worried”, while actress Park Shinhye wrote, “My heart aches. All the people who wished for peace had their hopes ruined in a second. Please no more injuries.”

Wrapping up, comedian Park Kyung Lim tweeted, “I just finished filming and what is this. At a time like this, we must have accurate news and unite to comfort each other.”

Source + Image: Money Today

Credit: Allkpop

 So Star Angels,

Lets send our prayers for both sides and hope that peace will be achieved sooner than later!