Friday, November 26, 2010

Dubbing of the animation ‘Dreams of a Precious Day’

Translated by Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Please do NOT take without permission.

Korean stars have lined up to participate in the new animation film "Dreams of a Precious Day" (Alternate title: "Green Days").

On the 23rd of November, the production company, Yeonpillomyungsanghagi, revealed photos of the dubbing location with Song Chang Yi, Park Shin Hye, and Oh Yeon Seo participating on the 19th.

Dreams of a Precious Day is the much anticipated work of skilled Korean animators working together.

The leads have been given to Song Chang Yi and Park Shin Hye, who have been gaining popularity with the drama series "You're Beautiful" and the movie "Cyranno Agency", and newcomer Oh Yeon Seo of the movie "Whispering Corridors 5".

In the still photos, the three actors are showcasing their smooth, sophisticated voice acting ability and are clearly being very serious during the recording.

Park Shin Hye, who has recently gone into more mature roles, did a playful, cute voice during the recordings, playing the lead character, Yi Rang, and Song Chang Yi seemed able to go back to a time when he was starting out as an actor while voicing the character of Chul Soo,, a young, innocent boy with a lot of dreams.

Oh Yeon Seo, showing off her experience as an original member of the KBS youth series Sharp, perfectly played the character “Sumin,, a mature, emotional girl student who has moved from the city.

"Dreams of a Precious Day" was introduced at the Pusan International Film Festival to the approval of the audience. The release date has yet to be set.

Translated by Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Please do NOT take without permission.

Source: JTN (Original article in Korean)

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