Thursday, November 11, 2010

George Hu jumps off a building for Hayate

Due to the explosion incident which severely injured Taiwanese idol, Selina, idol drama producers are turning to stuntmen when filming dangerous scenes to protect their leading actors/actresses.

George Hu who's currently filming GTV's Hayate the Combat Butler, also took the same measure whilst filming a scene where he jumps off a building. Although George has a background in martial arts, he passed on this scene to a stuntman. On the day, he stood on the 2nd level (of a building) to do the pre-takes of the jump off. However, although there he was to land on the safety mat,  he was dreaded with worry to the point where he started trembling and shaking.

George said, "What if when I jump down and there was something wrong with the safety mat, if I get injured it would be really troublesome!".

However, he did not realise that his underwear was exposed during the take, which was witnessed by Park SHin Hye. This incident made her reply very shyly, "Your… Your underwear got exposed!"

Author's note:

Aww how cute! It seems like they are having a great time on set!! Can't wait to see it!

Source: 中丅国时报