Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hayate heads to Hua Lian for filming

Prior to their departure to Japan, <Hayate the Combat Butler> heads to the coastal city of Hua Lien, Taiwan for a 10 day locational shoot.

Located on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range, Hualien is considered one of the most pleasant cities in Taiwan. Many tourists visit the city to enjoy the scenery and fresh air and also to tour the famous Taroko Gorge, which is located a few miles north of the city.

For this locational shoot, the cast, including Shin Hye will be staying at Murakami Inn. I believe some scenes will be shot at Murakami Village as the location has also been hosts to Idol dramas such as Romantic Princess.


Murakami Village

Hualien Wikitravel

Nodie26 Flickr

Shin Hye Tieba