Friday, November 12, 2010

We Love Hacci!

Yep, we really do! We love Shin Hye so much that we practically made I <3 Hacci the PSHIFC trademark. We tweet I <3 Hacci to show our support for her, made her an I <3 Hacci lightsign for the Taiwan FM and the most famous of these is our I <3 Hacci t-shirts.

Before our video of Shin Hye playing with her I-Pad got featured on allkpop's article about Shin Hye's cyworld update, our very own I <3 Hacci t-shirts have been featured on various news portals since the Japan FM!

If this wasn't exciting enough, Shin Hye - herself also recognized us by these tees!! and... did I mention she loves the tees?

We are very honoured to hold a special place in Shin Hye's life! Pictures of us in our tees (perhaps not in our most flattering moments) attached with a personal note to us on her Cyworld has been one of our most memorable moments this year! Not to mention, we are also very thankful to Shin Hye's manager to have posted about our meeting on his Cyworld!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="399" caption="Private Meeting with Shin Hye"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="637" caption="Appearance on Shin Hye's Cyworld"][/caption]

Due to various requests, we have decided to make these tees available for all our fanclub members!

I <3 Hacci package will go on sale for just $12 USD (Note: this amount does not include shipping, which may vary depending on the area.)

In this package you will receive:

  1. I <3 Hacci T-shirt

  2. PSHIFC membership card

  3. PSHIFC Bookmark

  4. PSHIFC Sticker


To place an order please send an email to with the following order form:



Postal Address:

Size: S/M/L

Size Info: width at the back, below the armpit: S = 18in, M = 20in, L = 22in.

Once we receive your order form we'll then notify you with the the exact cost (including shipping) and method of payment.

Be a proud owner of an I <3 Hacci tee!

Show your love & support for Shin Hye and maybe even one day you will get to wear it to International Fanmeetings!

If you're interested, please also take a look at our current birthday project for Shin Hye's 22nd birthday^^