Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Park Shin Hye attends "Try to Remember" VIP Premiere in Seoul

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News just in! Our princess Shin Hye is back in Seoul, Korea!

Following the updates of her going home on Twitter(@ssinz) dated November 16 2010, Park Shin Hye attended the premiere of "Try To Remember" (Hangul: 우리 만난 적 있나요) VIP premiere tonight.

The actress wrote on Twitter that she visited her brother with her two dogs Nori and Bongji this morning at the army campsite. She also cheekily mentioned that she needs to stop gaining weight while she's home. To me, she has gained a little weight, but looks very healthy and lovely.

Doesn't she look dazzling, as always?

More photos and twitter updates with translations on the forum :)

Additional Reading >> Synopsis of "Try to Remember"
In-Woo (Yoon So-Yi) and Eun-Kyo (Park Jae-Jeong) are a man and woman who born and raised in different places. Nevertheless, the two people experience the same dreams and experience the same deja vu moments. These experiences leads both to come to the historic city of Andong. They then come across a letter, written by a woman for her dead husband, in the woman's grave at a museum. The letter was written some 450 years ago. In-Woo feels an incredible depth of sadness from the letter ...