Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Park Shin Hye: will learn Chinese diligently in Taiwan

Article Translated by: myrsy & karrenstar. Please do not repost without permission!

Actress Park Shin Hye is currently in Taiwan filming her first Taiwanese Drama. Her previous drama <You're Beautiful> has propelled her to the likes of a Hallyu Star. We were able to catch up with Park Shin Hye as she returned to Korea to attend the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) with the promotion of her new 2D animated film <Green Days>.

Interviewer: Not too long ago you were in Taiwan for <You're Beautiful>’s fanmeeting - the A.N.SHOW. How was the atmosphere?

PSH: My chinese is still not fluent, however I've very thankful to the fans that constantly cheering me on. It made me very happy and it was an unforgettable experience. Compared to the Fanmeeting in Japan, this (Taiwan FM) was held a little differently (more concert like than a Fanmeeting). In the end, I felt like I was transformed into a real singer from <You're Beautiful>.

Interviewer: You sang the Chinese version of (Lovely Day) - <Little Sunshine> during the A.N.SHOW. Have you been learning Chinese in preparation to enter the Chinese showbiz?

PSH: No, I actually did not think of learning Chinese at first.. It was quite unexpected. Now I think I need to quickly go back to Taiwan and work on my Chinese.

Interviewer: Compared to the fans in Japan, what are the differences between them and the Chinese fans?

PSH: Chinese fans are very fervent. Japanese fans will go “Oh” behind you when they see a celeb. They belong to the quiet type. Although Korean fans are very enthusiastic, they’re more controlled. I stuck a photo that I received in Taiwan on my car window, and the Chinese fans were overjoyed. I think they pay a lot of attention to communication and exchange.

Interviewer: In 2004 you went to China to film a movie "Bichunmoo 비천무". Were there any unforgetaable moments?

PSH: At that time I needed to ride on a horse real fast (in the movie). I was really young then, and I wasn’t scared. The director told me and the other actor “You mustn’t let Shin Hye’s horse catch up with yours” to stimulate us to ride faster .However after falling off the horse once, I started to become really scared of horse-riding.

Interviewer: Do you have a Chinese actor or director whom you specially like/respect?

PSH: I like director Wong Kar-Wai. I watched many of his films. I also like Zhang Ziyi and have watched most of her movies. I really want to try one of Zhang Ziyi’s roles in one of her movies.

Interviewer: Asian fans pay high attention to <Cyrano Agency>. Many fans have come to Pusan International Film Festival to watch this movie.
PSH: Really? I heard that there are only English and Japanese subtitles. I hope that they will make Chinese subtitles soon. Although we cannot communicate with each other due to language barriers, we are still able to watch the same movie. I am really thankful.
Other than that, Park Shin Hye will be the lead actress in Taiwan GTV’s <Hayate the Combat Butler>, starring as a spoilt rich girl. <Hayate the Combat Butler> is adapted from the Japanese popular manga. It is a cross-over project by a Korean and a Taiwanese company. <Hayate the Combat Butler> will start filming in early October. The estimated filming length is 3 months.