Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hayate" to continue filming in Kyushu, JAPAN

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Taiwan GTV’s recent drama production “Hayate the Combat Butler” will continue its filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN.

“Hayate the Combat Butler” tells the story of a rich, young girl Nagi Sanzen'in (starring Park Shin Hye) who lives in a beautiful palace and how her life changes after meeting Hayate Ayasaki(starring George Hu), who is employed to be Nagi Sanzen'in’s butler. The drama production team of “Hayate the Combat Butler” recently says that “Although the mansions in Taiwan are very expensive, but their outer appearances are not pretty enough for the drama.”

Due to that, the drama production team has decided to continue the filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN. The team also stated that they have gained support from the Nagasaki-ken Tourism Association 長崎観光連盟. (Nagasaki-ken is the capital city of Kyūshū), making the drama a co-production by Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The total cost of the drama production of “Hayate the Combat Butler” is estimated at $198,100 USD (=219,530.000 KRW)

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The cutest thing is, hardworking leading actress Park Shin Hye has been learning Madarin Chinese, and she always tells her costars that “I will work hard on it.”

Hayate is currently filming in Taiwan, the estimated filming length is 3 months.

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Credit: UDN News