Friday, December 10, 2010

[FAN ACCOUNT] Bringing Christmas to Shin Hye 2010 in Huis Ten Bosch JAPAN

Karen arrived in Japan on Wednesday afternoon. Knowing the time constraint we had, we set off straight away from the airport to shop for the presents we had planned to buy. We went to Chiba station and shopped around the area. We met up with a friend, Min, who had never meet Karen before. We walked around the shopping area, mainly in LOFT and then had dinner together. Once we were done shopping there, we dropped the gifts off at Mee’s apartment and head to Aeon to get the things that were there. When we got back to the apartment, it was around 10pm. But we stayed up and wrapped all the presents that needed wrapping.

The next day, we went to Tokyo to get some Hiyoko from Tokyo Station and head back to Chiba to do a little more shopping there. Once everything was bought, we came back to the apartment and finished sorting and wrapping all the gifts, both from PSHIFC and members. We went to bed at 11pm, as we had planned.

Friday morning, we woke up at 2:45am and got ready. By 4am, we were out the door, walking to the train station, dragging our 17kgs suitcases in the pouring rain and then up what seemed endless stairs at the station. We took the earliest train out to Tokyo. We were able to catch an earlier train getting to the airport at 6am in time for our 6:40am flight out to Fukuoka.

Our plane was late so we missed the express train we planned on taking. We got to Huis Ten Bosch an hour late. When we saw the first view of Huis Ten Bosch, we were breathless. It was beautiful—and so cold and windy.  Huis Ten Bosch is situated by the water, surrounded by hills that lights up with autumn foliage. It was breathtaking.  Dragging our luggage up the stairs, we finally made it. We had to walk across a footbridge to get to the park. We found our hotel and set out to where Hayate Combat Butler was being filmed—around Hotel Europe and Forest Villa.

We paid, got inside and park and completely got sidetracked because it was beautiful! We felt like we were transported to Europe-Netherlands with the windmills, buildings, houses in the park. Eventually we made it to Forest Villa, but found that they weren’t filming there yet, so we wandered around the area. We saw some swans and Karen fed them with some bread from her half eaten burger. As we walked back to Hotel Europe, we saw, to the left of us, people. We walked over and instantly knew it was the Hayate crew filming.

(This corner here behind the hedges is where they were filming when we first saw them)

We walked over and stood about 30 feet away from where they were filming, both brimming with excitement and nervousness. Shin Hye was facing our direction as she and George Hu acted out the scene. We were trying to see where her manager was and to our surprise he was only 20 feet away from us. He saw us and waved to us shyly. We were all so shy. We continued to watch Shin Hye film and at one point manager walked over to us and we said hi to each other and he asked when we got there so we told him our little morning adventure. Afterward, he walked back to stand by the PD. 

The filming across from Hotel Europe ended and it was time to go to the next location and costume change. At this point, Shin Hye stood by the PD watching at what was just filmed. Then she looked at us, since manager had already came over to us, and said, “Hi Karen, hi Mee” her cute voice. We were star struck and stood there looking dumb since she recognized us and remembered our names from Taiwan. Then she came over and gave us a hug. We talked for a little bit and then she said she had to go change. As she, manager, her two unnis went inside Hotel Europe to change. We watched as the crew packed up and moved to the next location. 

Manager’s and the unnis’ things were left unattended, so we walked over to stand by them. Soon after, the four of them came out. We asked if we could walk with them to the next location and they said yes. With one of George’s fan, the seven of us walked to one of the bridges that we walked pass in Forest Villa. Along the way, we talked about anything and everything. Shin Hye asked where we were staying, and Mee showed her the map and pointed where our hotel was. Shin Hye then pointed to where they were staying on the map. We talked and laughed as we made our way to the bridge. Since walking through that area already, we showed them where the bridge was. When we got there, everyone else was there already.

We wish Shin Hye luck as she went to stand by George to continue filming. The sun was low on the horizon and the wind picked up. It was FREEZING!! We watched, shivering, as Shin Hye worked her magic. We talked to manager as we watched Shin Hye. We found out that Gongji was his dog. The filming took about an hour or so to finish. When they were done, we walked with them back. We found out who the big puppy was-it was Gongji, and the order of birth; Gongji, Nori, and Hagi. We told them we love the puppies too. 

It was so much fun talking to them because we’ve never had this experience before. We said good bye and walked back to our hotel. Our trip was starting out on a great note. We were both really happy and amazed that we somehow managed to keep all our crazies inside us when we were talking with Shin Hye and manager. 

The next morning, we found that they were filming by the canal by the Art Garden. We ran out of our hotel and walked super fast to the place since for the rest of the day, they will be filming indoor. When we walked through the art garden thinking they would film there, but saw them by the canal. We crossed the garden, walked through the grass and hopped over the rope to get to the paved sidewalk. We composed ourselves and saw Shin Hye and manager standing on the bridge watching what was being filmed. They had started at 7am already but we couldn’t get inside the park until 9am. So by this time, Shin Hye had already filmed one of her parts by the canal. We saw how cold manager was yesterday, so we brought the scarf we got him and some heat pads. We gave them to him and he handed the heat pads to Shin Hye. They were really happy to get the heat pads because it was cold, but Karen and I were sweating. They asked if we were cold and we said no and were surprised because they were freezing. 

We decided that we wanted to get them some coffee, so we set off to find a café, but none were opened in the area. We did eventually find one and got Shin Hye, manager, and the two cordis each a cup of coffee. They were happy to get something warm to drink. Because Shin Hye’s part was not up yet, manager told us to go look around the park, and so we did. We saw the hotel they were staying in and walked to the pier and took some photos. About an hour or so, we walked back to the canal and saw that Shin Hye was now filming. We sat across the canal and watched her filming for about 20 minutes. We had a clear view of her and watched in amazement and awe as she showed us her talent. Then it was over. Before that, manager told us that they will be moving inside after this because it was a Saturday and there would be many tourists later. So we all walked to the Guest House. When we reached the building, we knew we couldn’t go inside, but we asked anyways. Manager said he has no power over this, so we said good bye to them. Shin Hye made a sad face as we waved goodbye to them.

 (Hotel Amsterdam where Shin Hey and the staff stayed)

Later, we met Shin Hye and manager and brought all our presents with us to give her. She was really happy, the two of them were. It took us an hour and a half to give her all the presents and to tell her about where they came from and what they are. We first gave her the Muji tree we got and told her to turn around. She did and when she turned back we handed her the tree. She was surprised and happy and said that it was pretty. The first thing we gave her was the camera case for her PEN. It was red since she really likes that color. Then we gave her all the cards, one from PSHIFC, and the rest from members who sent them in. Thank you everyone. She was really happy to see them and she started reading some of them. She was really amazed at how creative some cards were. Then we started handing her presents and ornaments sent in with the cards. She was especially careful of the Swarovski crystal snowman, didn’t want it to break. She loved them all. Next came some gifts that were sent for ANSHOW but got to Japan late. Then it was time for gifts from the Chinese fans. The scarf matched her perfectly, brightening up her skin. After the Chinese fans’ gifts, it was time for gifts from PSHIFC and its members. 

We got her fluffy slippers that matched the blanket we got her as well as the doghouse we got for Nori and Bongji. Manager was saying where was his and so we took out Gongji’s doghouse and gave him that. They were so happy to see that we got doghouses for them. Plus the blankets for all the dogs and a baseball coat with an 8 on the back for Nori. She took the scarf we got her and wrapped it around her neck since she was really cold and proceeded to wrap the headdress (?) from Malaysia as well. Then she opened the two pjs, one regular, one fluffy and exclaimed, “Pyeoli” (?). Later we opened the Mook 21 You’re Beautiful Guidebook to the 100 question page and read her answer for number 47. It said that when she was last in Tokyo, she bought Hiyoko, a type of sweets. After reading that and on cue, we handed her the box of Hiyoko and she exclaimed in delight. She was really happy and started tearing it up, handing each of us one. It was delicious, just as she said. We gave her the Mook magazine after that and she said she will read it tonight and she was looking through the magazine, looking at the photos of her friends.

When all the gifts were given, we asked if she could sign for our fanclub and she did. Instead of saying, to, she wrote PSH_IFC, telling manager what each letter meant: Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. We were so amazed that she knew what each of the letters meant. She wrote a message to our members on the photo, “Merry Christmas. Thank you so much. Be happy and stay healthy. Again thank you.”

She was really tired so we told them we won’t take any photos and so we left to go back to our hotel after giving her all the presents. We felt elated. She loved everything that was given her from everyone.

The following day, Sunday, was our last day. This day, they were inside all day. We took couple hours and visited the Palace Garden where they filmed earlier. It was a very beautiful place. We think this might be the exterior of character’s home. Then we walked to the Guest House. We have gotten them two warm bottles of tea, but when we got there, they were more on the lukewarm side. We handed them to a crew member and asked if he could give them to Shin Hye and her manager. 

Waiting we met two Shin Hye fans, an 11 year old boy and a lady whom we took a picture of her signed towel by Shin Hye during the ANJELL FM in Tokyo. We got to see her sparsely throughout the day since she was busy filming inside the Guest House, but we were really glad and happy she made time to come out and talked to us. When we were going to leave, around 5pm, Shin Hye and her manager came out again and we talked for a little while. She was so beautiful-she looked like princess and she was wearing the slippers we got her. They were so cute on her feet. She also had the blanket we gave her wrapped around her shoulders. When we said good bye we were so sad and on the brink of crying, but she said please don’t cry so we tried to hold them in. She had to go back inside so we hugged her and waved good bye one last time and walked back to the hotel to get our things. 

The weekend was both wonderful and memorable and yet so sad because we had to leave. Shin Hye is one of the kindest, beautiful, smart and most down to earth actresses in the world. She was willing to make time to talk to us all three days. Her entourage is so kind with us too, smiling and acknowledging us. Her manager is the best manager in the whole world. He is super cool and funny. We will never forget the three days we spent in Huis Ten Bosch with Shin Hye. We love and miss her a lot. Until next time, Shin Hye, fighting and we love you!

(The Guest House which she filmed the last day we were in Huis Ten Bosch)