Sunday, December 19, 2010

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye, the "sleeping princess of the car"

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(TVDaily KR) The mature appearance of actress Park Shin Hye has become the hot topic among netizens.

On her most updated CYWorld blog post, Park Shin Hye says how much she misses everyone back home in Korea, tells fans about her life in Taiwan and uploaded photos of interesting things she saw. She also says hello and wishes fans all around the globe healthy and happy.

At the end of her message, she cutely expresses that she needed to catch up with her busy schedule and go filming for her new drama "Hayate the Combat Butler"

The beautiful photo that she uploaded of herself captured the attention of fans, who commented that her looks have matured but she looks very innocent, feminine and sweet, like a "sleeping princess".

Many fans also commented on her mini hompy saying "Please come back from Taiwan.", "You look very lovely and mature", "Park Shin Hye you are a sleeping beauty".

Park Shin Hye is currently filming her new drama series in Taiwan. The filming is scheduled to end in January 2011 and will start broadcasting on April 13 2011 in five countries, namely South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

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Original Source: TV Daily Korea