Sunday, December 19, 2010

[NEWS] Shin Hye is #1 on Nate Search today!

축하합니다 , HACCI!!!!
Our princess Shin Hye is Number 1 on's Search today!

At around noon on December 14, Shin Hye updated her CYWorld mini hompy with 14 new updates, including 13 new photos and a change of BGM(background music). She wrote to everyone about her life in Taiwan, her manager, her makeup artist, her hair stylist, her puppy Bongji and various photos of scenery and clouds.

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Following the updates are lovely comments from fans and netizens who gave her the title "Sleeping Princess", complimenting on the sweet face of the actress.

Congratulations, Shin Hye! We hope that you and your team are doing fine in Taiwan! Stay safe and healthy^^ 축하합니다 ! We love you!

Read more about the CY updates here: