Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Park Shin Hye comments on YongSeo's couple Banmal song (반말송) on Youtube

Park Shin Hye, once again, kept her promise! This time, it's to her fellow ANJell bandmate, also known as the leader of CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa!

Yonghwa and his 'wife' Seohyun composed a Banmal song (반말송)* and posted on their official Youtube channel on Dec 26th. Yonghwa, who made a deal with Shin Hye, asked her to comment on the song. In return, he will treat her to good food upon her arrival to Korea(Shin Hye is currently filming her new drama in Taiwan).

So this morning at 6am, Shin Hye woke up and commented!

Check out her comment, the translation and the Banmal song below!

*Banmal: means informal speech in Korean. So the entire song is composed in informal speech. Informal speech is used between couples, friends and from older persons to younger persons.

it's so great to see the ANJells keeping in touch despite You're Beautiful ended a year ago! Earlier this week, Shin Hye also met up with Lee Hongki in Taipei and spent Christmas Day together!


  1. Awww, love Shin Hye. She's soo cute! Now Yong Hwa will have to buy her food. Hope he takes her out to a really good restaurant for dinner!!! Thanks Karen!

  2. Thank you, Karren!!!! *hugs* at first, I had a big doubt that it was Shinhye, coz currently she never said anything about CN BLUE then why suddenly she commented on youtube about YH's song? pretty weird for a celeb to do such a comment in utube hehe =P
    but if the one who asked her is really Yonghwa, then I'm so happy that she gives support and well wishes to his first utube-released song!! hehe

    Mee, I hope so! Yonghwa also loves to eat, hehe he sure knows good restaurant. Hope all ANJELL meet up for dinner! it would be great if ANJELL meet CN BLUE and FT Island!

  3. so happy to know they really remain close friends,awwwwww...she watched FTisland concert and spend christmas with hongki,then with this post,we're sure she got to talked to yonghwa...and in my heart,i want to believed she got to talked to keun suk as well :) truly admirable A.N.Jell maintain their friendship on and off cam :))

  4. i am so proud of shinhye....a very sweet friend to YH....
    although i am a ShinHwa fan, i just love what she did...it shows that like with Hongki, her friendship with YH is purely platonic..

    wow, first with Hongstar, then its BolmaeJung...wonder when she will openly pass a message to RenaiJang and remind him to make good his promise to visit her in TW....

  5. shinhye ur a good frend :) how sweet eventhough ur too busy in taiwan ur not even forget ur frends ^^, more power shinhye :)

  6. HI! :) ill be posting this to our Pinoyexchange thread for You're Beautiful. Thank you! :)

  7. Yes you may, please credit us properly: parkshinye.org or Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Thanks.

  8. How sweet our princess is!

    But...why is her comment now marked as spam in youtube??? :(

  9. [...] In this week’s episode, Yonghwa and his ‘wife’ Seohyun composed a Banmal song (반말송)* and posted on Youtube. Yonghwa then calls his fellow ANJell bandmate Park Shin Hye “Go Minam” and told her to check out the song. [...]

  10. pammoe..maybe some jealous fans mark it as a spam,,^--^

  11. What is Park Shin Hye youtube ?

  12. seohyun u suck ur voice stinks!!!!

    1. she is lead voice singer of top girl group of snsd and tts...she is greater national singer of korea