Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Park Shin Hye comments on YongSeo's couple Banmal song (반말송) on Youtube

Park Shin Hye, once again, kept her promise! This time, it's to her fellow ANJell bandmate, also known as the leader of CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa!

Yonghwa and his 'wife' Seohyun composed a Banmal song (반말송)* and posted on their official Youtube channel on Dec 26th. Yonghwa, who made a deal with Shin Hye, asked her to comment on the song. In return, he will treat her to good food upon her arrival to Korea(Shin Hye is currently filming her new drama in Taiwan).

So this morning at 6am, Shin Hye woke up and commented!

Check out her comment, the translation and the Banmal song below!

*Banmal: means informal speech in Korean. So the entire song is composed in informal speech. Informal speech is used between couples, friends and from older persons to younger persons.

it's so great to see the ANJells keeping in touch despite You're Beautiful ended a year ago! Earlier this week, Shin Hye also met up with Lee Hongki in Taipei and spent Christmas Day together!