Saturday, January 15, 2011

[ENG] Taiwan Play Magazine Vol. 153

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  1. Admin x

    1) a big thank you again for translating the article from Chinese to English x a million thanks again x i'm sure many of us continually appreciate your updates although the rest are silently thanking you.
    2) nagi seems to be the opposite of the real park shin hye. we get a better glimpse of her by her answers.
    3) wishing you all the best in this project. you did the right thing by accepting this role - an opportunity to work in a foreign environment, thus enabling you to be more tolerant of various culture and how filming is done in another environment; the best way to learn chinese is by being exposed to speakers; an opportunity to practice english because george hu and benjie wang are english speakers; new friends too; you'll learn more about yourself away from the comforts of home...overall a thousand of positive things.

  2. FIGHTING HAcci!! :D We will support you all through out. Must watch this drama! wee! :) ♥

  3. another thing: i'm glad filming is done prior to showing. the script won't be affected by ratings. i don't like it when scripts are changed due to ratings. it becomes too commercial and the essence of a film as an art is set-aside. i'm sure the cinematography is fantastic. and i'm glad that there are a lot of location shoots - japan and taiwan.

    another trend in film making will be birth. and i'm glad that park shin hye is part of it. same with you're beautiful that became a trend setter.

    i admire your choices of roles and scripts. you're very young but you absolutely have mature and professional choices; and you're not a pain to work with. your parents brought you up well and good.

  4. @Karren, thank you again for the wonderful translation...

    What could i say but wishing that Hayate will do well. Taiwan is good in doing adaptation and their style of production is different from Korea where they do all the production stuff first before showing so they would know all their flaws at once...

    I am also proud for Shinhye in overcoming her difficulties of filming in Taiwan. Inspite the language barrier, i could see that she is bonding well with George and the rest of the cast and crew.

    Finally, Good luck to Shinhye..i support her decision of accepting this Taiwan project...its a very good opportunity for her...

  5. @primavera: You're most welcome :) your comment made me smile.
    PSHIFC aims at bringing fans from all around the world together despite language barriers. I am not very good at Chinese myself so I think it'd be better to put this in English for everyone to read. believe me, Chinese is so difficult >_<

    I am very proud of Shin Hye to take up this project No natter how difficult it may be, she is trying her best and I look forward to watching it. I agree with you, I hate it when scripts change due to ratings. But then there's also one flaw in the Taiwanese system, that is, they're filming at a much slower rate...

    @rence: You are welcome^^
    I am sure that Shin Hye has learned a lot from her filming of Hayate. It's a precious opportunity for her. And Huis Ten Bosch is such a beautiful, beautiful place. It's like a speck of Europe in Japan. I miss that place :'(

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  7. Once again, thank you so much Karrenstar by your untiring effort to translate. You made us once again closer to our star PSH.

    I also agree (thumb's up). PSH is still young and has a long way to go. Young at her age, she already managed to make it on top because of her eagerness and effort to discover/learn things that will uplift her craft, to satisfy and give happiness to all her audience. I think as an actress it's not enough that you have good looks and talent, but, you must have also discipline, hardwork, humbleness and a good attitude even without the need facing a camera. Those things I believe I found with Park Shin Hye and makes us all proud and loved by many people.

    I wish all the best for PSH and all the people supporting her.


  8. Park Shin Hye, though very young, left her comfort zones (home and Korea) to take on this project. Its been 4 months now since she left Korea (correct me if I'm wrong, Sept 25, 2010 till now - I think she went home twice only in October for the Pusan Film Festival and mid-November as presentor with Daniel Choi) and the filming isn't finish yet.

    Her biggest challenge as she mentioned is the language barrier, but somehow she managed to gaine the friendship of the cast and crew.

    When she goes back to Korea she'll bringing with her wealth of experiences and lessons learned. We also got to know her better as a person in an entirely different culture and environment.

    All the best Shin Hye in the years ahead.

    Thank you Karen for the translation.