Friday, January 7, 2011

Cyrano Agency DVD to be released on January 21 2011

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The DVD of Shin Hye's 1st romantic comedy, "Cyrano Agency" is going to be on shelves starting January 21 2011!!

The movie, starring Um Tae Woong, Lee Min Jung, Daniel Choi and Park Shin Hye, was first released in Korean theatres in September 2010 and was #1 in box offices nationwide for over a month.

The DVD has two versions, the normal version and the 2-disc Director's Cut version. However at the moment, only the Director's Cut version is available for international customers. Good news is, it has English subtitles and also many special features!

Disc 1:
01. Cyrano Agency the movie
02. 음성해설 Commentary

Disc 2 (Special Features)
01. 프리프로덕션 Pre-Production
02. 프로덕션:메이킹 다큐멘터리 Production: documentary
03. 제작보고회 현장 Production site briefing
04. 포스터 촬영 현장 Poster shooting
05. OST 녹음 현장 OST Recording
06. 시사회 및 무대인사 Personnel screening and stage
07. 삭제씬 Deleted Scenes
08. 예고편 Trailer

DVD Specs:
Dubbing: Korean
Subtitles: Korean, English
Aspect Ratio: DISC 1 - 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen / DISC 2 - 4:3 Full Screen
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running time: 118 minutes
Region Code: 3

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2-disc Directori's Cut (₩27,500)

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Looking for love? Come on down to Cyrano Agency!

The Cyrano Agency helps people who can't date to have a love life. The agency helps the client by moving together as an organization and having secret missions. Their creed is to work in the shade and we don't aim for the sun.

One day, the agency's representative Byeong-hoon (Um Tae-woong) and his operation agent Min-Young (Park Shin-hye) meet an unpredictable client Sang-yong (Choi Daniel). He has excellent qualities but he is a failure in dating. He is in love with a lovable woman named Hee-Joo (Lee Min-jung). But when Byeong-hun sees Hee-joong's profile, he begins to worry... Will "Cyrano Agency" succeed in their mission?