Monday, January 10, 2011

[NEWS] Sleeping Beauty Park Shin Hye shines even when she's sleeping

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Title: 박신혜, 잠들어도 자체 발광 '오똑 콧날+긴 속눈썹' 물오른 미모 공개
Park Shin Hye the sleeping beauty shines like a star even when she's sleeping with her gorgeous long lashes and high-bridged nose.

Park Shin Hye, who has just ended her all-around-Taiwan filming schedule, crashed out on her bed at her Taipei residence out of tiredness. In her Twitter photo, her fair skin, long lashes and high-bridged nose captured the hearts of many netizens, who commented saying "cute", "You've become prettier", "Shin Hye, I miss you so much" etc.

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Source: TV Daily Korea

[티브이데일리=최민지 기자] 탤런트 박신혜가 자고 있는 사진을 공개했다.

현재 대만과 타이에서 드라마 촬영에 한창인 박신혜는 트위터에 "대만전국순회촬영을 마치고 타이페이로 돌아왔어요. 한국집 마냥 좋다고 침대에 퐁당"이라는 글로 최근 근황을 전했다.

잠든 설정샷 속 박신혜는 뽀얀 피부에 긴 속눈썹, 오똑한 콧날을 자랑했다. 이를 본 누리꾼들은 "귀엽다", "점점 더 예뻐지네", "오똑한 콧날 좀 봐", "신혜씨 빨리 보고싶어요" 등의 댓글을 남겼다.


  1. Very seldom can you see someone who is asleep and still look pretty!!!! :)

  2. ..and very seldom to see a photo of someone sleeping and land her on the news..ahahaha..lovely shin hye;)

  3. that's right coz every bit of news or pic of her at least helps in relieving our longing for her. love you girl.

  4. love her even more...everything about her is so natural...rarely will you see a celebrity who would allow such photo, sometimes she even makes faces (distorting it) but she does it so well and gets away with it...Take care...i can feel your exhaustion and hope that Hayate will be a success...

  5. "twinkling" even when sleeping. .nice pic..^_^

  6. Her skin is so smooth...Can hardly wait to see her by myself one day