Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Park Shin Hye to Guest at Lee Seung Hwan's Showcase

Recently there was a petition on the web in Korea trying to garner about 100,000 signatures in order for a showcase hosted by Lee Seung Hwan to be held. Netizens gathered together and pulled the 100,000 signatures. The showcase time and place was announced today.

Many of you may or may not know this but Park Shin Hye used to be in Dream Factory, the agency own by Lee Seung Hwan himself and even starred in several of his music videos and recently took part in his album. As a friend of Lee Seung Hwan, for this showcase, he has invited her, as a guest, to take part in this event.

Here are the information regarding the showcase:
Date: February 26 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm (Charity performance)
6:00pm (Showcase)
Venue: AX-Korea
Ticketing: Yes24 (Online: http://ticket.yes24.com/ 1544-6399)
Max. 4 tickets per person
Only people aged 15 or above are allowed.

Price: KRW 77,000â‚© inc. tax
Host: Lee Seung Hwan, Dream Factory
Guests: Park Shin Hye
Dress Code: Angels and Demons
Inquiry:mintpaper (02-322-0014 /