Saturday, January 1, 2011

[TWITTER] 1st Twit of 2011, Plans for a trip to Italy

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  1. who's gonna be with you shinhye? ahe
    im glad that u start a year w/ a happy year :)
    more power ^_^

  2. Hello Park Shin Hye! Happy new year! I hope you received the year with happiness & loved ones :)

    I'm glad you decided to travel to italy...that is actually the same place I am hoping to go to, I need to save up first haha I hope you come to los angeles, ca soon..I would like to meet you.

    You have my email, incase you decide to write to me! I love your music "lovely" & drama "your beautiful", I've been researching trying to see which other dramas you've been in. I believe you're talented.

    <3 Elianny

  3. Hoping that we your fans can come with you when you go to Italy. That's a dream come true if that thing will happen. HAHA :) Happy New Year HACCI! :D

  4. Anyong haseyo park. .I'm an avid fan of yours since ur first drama stairway to heaven, ur so cute. .how I wish we can see each other. .anyways I wishing u all the best and more projects to come. .I'm looking forward for ur upcoming drama especially Hayate the combat batler. .