Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[TWITTER] 2010-01-11: Shin Hye's Mami in Taiwan!



  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ♥ Υυκi ♥. ♥ Υυκi ♥ said: RT @PSH_IFC: 2010.01.11 Twitter Translation: Shin Hye's Mami will be in Taiwain [...]

  2. Such a sweet daughter unnie... :) I'm so sure that your mom miss you so so much!! there will be a mom and daughter reunion in Taiwan! hahahah =)) have a great day always unnie :)

  3. A loving daughter..that's our one and only star Shin Hye..hahaha =))
    They miss each other! haha. You're right Charlotte..a mom and daughter reunion in Taiwan..but it's more happier if a FAMILY reunion so that our star won't be sad anymore..We Love You so much Shin Hye! :D
    Just send our kisses to your mom. haha :D

  4. what a sweet daughter...UNICA HIJA...they miss each other....
    LOL when she said that she won't be doing the cooking and laundry anymore...her mom will..

  5. Owww...
    she's so so sweet!!!!
    Have a nice day with ur mommy!

  6. Shin hye your really such a good daughter. . I think ur Mami is really thankful for having you as a daughter. .a daughter that is kind, pretty, talented and most especially a loving daughter. .

  7. hello everyone!

    Excitement is written all over Shinhye's tweet =)

    the phrase's "we will do them together", "Please come faster" and "i'm ready to kiss you 10 times" ahahaha...isn't she so sweet??!! Shinhye finds pleasure in doing things with her mom, which sometimes i taken for granted. I'll take note of that. and like, Nagi who is determine, i hope she learn Japanese faster than she could imagine.