Monday, February 28, 2011

2nd Seoul Cultural Art Awards

The 2nd Seoul Cultural Art Awards was held at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium tonight, February 28th. The Seoul Cultural Arts Award records the best cultural activities of 2010, with 11 categories expanding over music, TV, movies and songs. It is the largest cultural arts event of the Republic of Korea.

There are many of Korea’s very best in attendance and among those was none other than the lovely Park Shin Hye. She was invited to attend the ceremony as an award presenter.

Tonight she was spotted wearing a gorgeous black dress that accentuated her beautiful neckline and outlined her beautiful curves. 

Take a look for yourself. She's absolutely gorgeous :)

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  1. She looks like a princess~ It's been some time since she had her fringe pinned up and she looks great in that hairdo.

    I like her in dark hair more than her previous light brown one.

    Lovely Shin Hye! Thank you for the post

  2. WOoohoooo..she looks gorgeous tonight >__<

    pretty face,glamorous body..
    aahhh..our cuttie shin hye transformed into a sexy beutiful lady..
    Im melting..

    love love love

    Thank You All

  3. What a Drop-Dead Gorgeous :))

  4. Omg... my princess is so beautiful everyday.She's absolutely gorgeous.
    I love her.

  5. wow..really drop-dead gorgeous..
    im starstruck again

    the cut of the gown emphasized her right curves and beautiful collar bone..

    i love her make up,just minimal...her hairstyle showed her beautiful eyes, kissable lips and that chin of hers...

    she's so slim and sexy now and i think she looks, Taiwan and Hayate did this to her..i love her

  6. What a beautiful young lady...may the Lord bless Miss Park Shin Hye.

  7. yshen_08_21@yahoo.comMarch 1, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    You're so beautiful in that elegant and awesome dress! I love your necklace, haha :D
    More Power to you Princess PSH! Saranghamnida!


  8. I love you my Park Shin Hye you are so simple in your gown and yet you look so fabulous, elegant and really beautiful...Hope to see you in more event like this and wish your Hayate drama will succeed in all Asia's country.

  9. absolutely're soooo beautiful shin hye ♥♥♥


  10. i agree with you she's so gorgeous...