Thursday, February 17, 2011

The PSHIFC Giveaway ~ for Shin Hye's 22nd Birthday & YAB's 500th Day

It’s not everyday she turns 22.
From the cute child who treasures toys, to the lady who is admired by boys … she has blossomed into the talented, compassionate, and inspiring woman that she is.

As an artist she has made us laugh, she has made us cry, and she has made us see showbiz in a different light.

As a person she has made us realize the value of giving, of loving and of learning.

She has worked with the best (and the best-looking) people in the industry. And even as her star graces the night sky, even as she shines her brightest, she never forgets those who admire her from afar – people like you and me, her supporters.

On her 22nd birthday, we at the Park Shin Hye International Fan Club celebrate by bringing you the NEW PSHIFC site – !

True to our promise to bring you closer to our star, PSHIFC will not only be an avenue for international fans to share our love and admiration for our star, but to also be your source of news, information and updates about Park Shin Hye.

... and for this special day, February 18 - Shin Hye's 22nd birthday, the launch of the new PSHIFC AND You're Beautiful's 500th day - we are giving you more. :)

When we celebrate, we go all out! And since this day is extra special, Shin Hye is not the only one receiving presents - even her fans will!

We at PSHIFC make things possible. :)

The rules are simple:
1. Register on our forum.
2. Post in the members introduction.
3. Come back to this post and leave a comment with your birthday wish for Park Shin Hye.
(no double registration and posting
4. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

~ To keep it fair, PSHIFC admins will randomly draw the posts / comments, lucky members will get a prize~

Be part of the growing PSHIFC family! :)


  1. Congratulations to the new home of PSHIFC this is beautiful!
    happy birthday to princess Shin Hye please continue to shine!

  2. Happy Birthday to you Shin Hye!!
    This site also seems like a present for all your international fans..=) thanks to those people who made this new international fan site of our beloved Shin Hye..

    ahh,,I also want to win the prize but it seems that no one is commenting yet on this post so its impossible for me to become the 22nd 42nd or 100th lucky fan that will be chosen!! >,<'s long as I can greet my favorite star a happy haaaaaappppy birthday..and also to show my gratitude for the people behind this new fan site..THANKS!!

  3. 생일축하합니다 Shin Hye Ssi! (I hope I greeted correctly) :)

    Hope you have many more blessings this year...

  4. Happy Birthday to our LOVELY PARK SHIN HYE...


    We LOVE You and WE will SUPPORT you always....


  5. awwwww,can't help it,i was teary-eyed when reading the notes above...indeed,shin hye,in her own little and magical way,without her knowing it,inspires a lot of people around the world.she had blossomed into such a talented and beautiful young lady..beautiful inside and out...Shin hye..thank you for inspiring and bringing may not know it but you do bring a lot of happiness to other people..Wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others :))

    to the admins of you for this new're the bridge that connect us,international fans, to shin hye..thank you for all your efforts..for loving and supporting shin hye.more power ;)

  6. Saengil Chukha Hamnida Shin Hye!!!wishing u good health(also 2 ur family),have a peaceful year,& have a more blessings 2 come this year..take care always..i'm always here 2 support u Shin Hye..Saranghaeyo..^_^ Aiko's here from Philippines..^_^

  7. happy birthday to Shin Hye! The Best Star Ever! ^^

  8. Happy birthday to you dear Shin Hye. Wish all the best for you. Love you

  9. happy birthday to hacci!!
    and congratulations to our new PSHIFC!!

    hope she stay as humble as she is now and as god-fearing as she always is..
    more power and good health to you unnie!!

  10. Happy birthday to you ya Shin Hye ^____^


    i hope your are happy right now all of as here love you. more power, more projects god bless..

    "Today, the day that you were born is a precious day. Thank you for being born" - go minyu line

  12. 생일축하합니다to Shin Hye!

    I wish her good health, happiness in life, more blessings and projects in the future.

    We will forever be here and love you. Fighting!


    I just want to say THANK YOU to all the admins and contributors of PSHIF. I’ve been a lurker from quite sometime now and I haven’t expressed my gratitude yet in bringing Shin Hye closer to all her fans worldwide.

  13. shin hye happy bday :) wish you all the best :) more bdays and blessings to come:)
    -we love you :)

  14. hepie bufday shin hye unni....may god bless you...luv u s0 much ever n 4eva

  15. Happy Birthday Shin Hye!!! So glad to celebrate another birthday with you. May this year be the start of something wonderful! Happy 22nd Birthday!

  16. Happy Birth Day. my Shinhye.^^
    Thank for you on the world.
    I'm so happy for see you. Thank....

    가자 행복하고 즐거운,
    당신에게 돈을 많이

    your thai fan..................... love you.

  17. Happy Birthday to my favorite actress PARK SHIN HYE!
    You are the reason I watch Korean Dramas again after a long time.
    I will always be your FAN forever! ^_^

  18. Dear Miss Park Shin Hye,

    I wonder that on the day you were born, the stars must be shinning so bright huh'?
    That's why you become this "Bright Shin Hye"

    Happy Birthday,,
    Thank you for being this Bright Shin Hye that lighten up our days..

  19. happy birhday psh you are my twins in birth ihope agood live for you this is my gift for you
    is picture but in face book afnan missfunny

  20. happy birthday park shin hye

  21. TO
    shin hye mylovely sister
    and cute now im so very happy
    im will be your fanclub
    ioveyou mysister
    shin hye

  22. belated happy birthday to my favorite and number 1 korean actress Park Shin Hye

  23. Feliz cumpleaños Park Shin Hye! la mejor actriz y persona que he visto, le deseo salud y lo mejor en su carrera y en todo lo que haga :)