Thursday, February 24, 2011

[NEWS] "Minam" Jung Yonghwa, Park Shin Hye may be costars again?

CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa (23 years old) and actress Park Shin Hye (22 years old) are invited to cast in MBC’s drama “Festival 페스티벌”(temporary title) which is scheduled to broadcast in June 2011.

The two friends are offered the lead male and female roles respectively. "Festival" centers an art university and the male lead is part of a music band .

Jung Yonghwa’s agency FNC Music’s representative said “It is true that we have received such an offer. But it is still under review because we are worried that Yonghwa might not be free as CNBlue is scheduled to comeback in the 4th week of March.We're still deciding.”

On the other hand, Park Shin Hye’s agency AVA Entertainment published a statement regarding the drama offer “We think Park Shinhye can show off her charm by acting as a lively young girl,” said the agency. “The script is funny. We are currently in talks with the production team, and we’ll decide soon.” Park Shin Hye recently starred in a comedy “Cyrano Agency” (2010) and will be continuing her studies at Joongang University in the upcoming semester.

The two of them had previously worked together on SBS “You’re Beautiful” (2009) as band members of ANJell and received much love from viewers. In the drama, Park Shin Hye’s role “Go Minam” and Jang Keun Suk’s role “Hwang Tae Kyung” eventually becomes a couple, leaving jung Yonghwa’s role "Kang Shinwoo" bitter. Jung Yonghwa’s role is also praised by viewers who gave him the nickname “Milky Boy”.

“Festival” will be directed by Pyo Min-soo PD, who is well known for his works such as “Full House” (2004), “Which Star Are You From” (2006), “Coffee House” (2010)… etc.

Do you think they will be costars again? 

Credit: Newsen

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