Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye returns home after 4 months of filming

"Finally I am returning to my family's arms!"

Actress Park Shin Hye(21 years old) is returning home today upon the completion of her 4-month filming abroad.
Park Shin Hye has been staying in Taiwan since October 2010 to film her upcoming drama "Sensation World"(alternate title: Hayate the Combat Butler). She will be going back to Korea today and spend a warm holiday with her family despite the snowy weather.

One of Park Shin Hye's entourage says "Shin Hye will be back in Korea as she has finished her 4-month drama shooting. She will engage in CF and photoshoot activities and her next project and schedule is still being discussed. As she has taken a leave from university for her drama filming, she might also have to prepare for going back to school."

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye, who is very excited about going home, wrote on her Twitter on January 30 about her excitement. Many fans have been leaving comments on Park Shin Hye's Twitter, wishing her a nice lunar new year holiday and welcoming her home.

"Sensation World" is adapted from the Japanese manga "Hayate the Combat Butler". It tells the story of a poor boy who tries to solve his parents' debt and accidentally bumps into rich girl Nagi(starring Park Shin Hye). The drama is expected to air in Spring 2011.

박신혜, 4개월 여 만에 귀국 "명절엔 가족품으로"

“드디어 가족 품으로!”

 배우 박신혜(21)가 4개월여의 해외체류를 끝내고 1일 귀국. 가족들과 따뜻한 설 연휴를 보낸다. 박신혜는 지난해 10월부터 대만 GTV드라마 ‘선풍관가’ 촬영으로 대만에 머물러왔다.

 박신혜의 측근은 1일 “4개월여의 드라마 촬영을 끝내고 한국에 돌아왔다”면서 “귀국해서도 CF와 화보촬영. 차기작 검토 등으로 여전히 바쁜 일정을 소화해야 한다. 또 아직 학생 신분이라 복학 준비도 할 예정이다”라고 전했다. 박신혜는 오랜만의 귀국에 들뜬 듯 지난달 30일 자신의 트위터에 “명절 지나면 얼굴 보자” “저 한국가요 헤헤~ ^^”라고 지인들에게 알렸다.

 한편. 박신혜 주연의 ‘선풍관가’는 일본 인기만화 ‘하야테처럼’을 드라마화한 것으로 빚더미에 앉은 남자 하야테가 재벌가 아가씨 나니(박신혜)의 납치 소동을 벌이는 로맨틱 코미디물로 올 상반기 대만에서 방영될 예정이다.