Monday, February 21, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye to attend 2nd Seoul Cultural Arts Awards

Credit: Newsen

The 2nd annual Seoul Cultural Arts Awards of the Republic of Korea will be held at 7pm on February 28 2011 at the Olympian Stadium.

The Cultural Arts Awards is the biggest cultural event for charity in the country and is organized by the Republic of Korea Seoul Cultural Arts Association. It aims at awarding artists who excel in various cultural areas such as film, song and broadcast.

Presenters of awards that night include Shinhwa's ex-members Eric and Kim Dong Wan, Oh Yeon Soo and wife, Son Dam Bi, Yoo Hyun-young, Park Shin Hye, etc.

The awards committee promises high-quality cultural performances by celebrated artists for the audience to enjoy. Over 1500 foreign guests from Southeast Asian countries such as Japan and China, Korean government officials, multicultural families, members of the disabled community, young people and celebrities are invitied to join the event.

Sponsors include the Seoul Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Korea National Tourism Organization, Rural Development Administration, Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Freedom League and Seoul National University of Arts School.