Sunday, February 27, 2011

Park Shin Hye to appear on KBS 2TV Win Win

Actress Park Shin Hye is going to appear as a surprise guest in an upcoming episode of KBS 2TV talk show “Win Win승승장구” on Tuesday, March 1 2011 at 11:15pm (Korean local time).

Similar to SBS’s “Strong Heart”, “Win Win” is a talk show that invites Korean singers and actors who share stories about their life, career and dreams. Win Win gives viewers and fans a chance to look into the lives of stars by listening to their stories. 

Many stars come on the show and share stories about their hardships in debuting, strange experiences and some other funny situations that have occurred in their life. Friends of the stars are often invited.

The details of Shin Hye’s appearance are still unknown, but it is rumored that she was spotted filming the show last week at KBS headquarters.The guest for the eisode in question is Joo Sang Woo, so Shin Hye may possible guest as his friend on the show, as they had previously filmed drama "Kimchee Radish Cubes"(2008) together.

MCs include idol group BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, actor Kim Sung Soo, DJ DOC’s Jung Jae and entertainer Kim Seung Woo.

Are you looking forward to it?


  1. @ karren, thanks again for the posting..

    of course, i am looking forward to this show, i just miss seeing shinhye on the small screen already...still a long wait for hayate...i also am wishing for the confirmation of her drama with YH...RENCE

  2. Thanks for posting.

    I am so looking forward to see Joo Sang Wook with Shin Hye again. Shin Hye has always been very supportive of her former co-actors.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. i miss seeing her on the smallscreen..i am so excited for this one..hope there will be more guesting and looking forward for more news regarding hayate and if the series with yong hwa pushes through..i'm really praying it will come true ;)

  4. Thank you Karen for this news. I'm glad we get to see Shin Hye a lot these days. Isn't today the Seoul Cultural Arts Awards:)

  5. Thanks Karen for translating the news...I rarely make any comment about Shin Hye's news...but it doesnt mean I dont appreciate your hardwork...

    I cant help to make a comment about Shin Hye appearance in Win Win talk show, after I read that Joo Sang Woo will appear too in this talk show....Yaaaayyy happy dancing...

    I'm so loving this couple...Jang Saya and her beloved ahjussi...

    I wish they could colaborate again in other drama or movie, but in mean time, I'm satisfied just to see both of them in talk show...

    Will hunting this talk show :) :)

  6. @karren, thanks again for the translation.

    of course, im excited on her guesting on this show and since i love her team up with the ahjussi in kimcheed radish, i'm excited to see them together..its been a while, she was still young then, now, she is a beautiful lady already..hmmnnn

  7. For everyone who interested to download the show, win win episode 53

    1)in Megaupload :

    2)in torrent :

    Shin Hye only appear for a few minute...not enough for me ihiiiiks...but the chemistry between Shin Hye and JSW still there :) :)

  8. GodS!I watch the first part and then miss it the last part-when PSH onnie appears!!!