Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shin Hye spreads love on her 22nd Birthday

Many of you asked about what Shin Hye did on her 22nd birthday on February 18 2011. And here’s the answer:

She did volunteer service.

Yes, our princess took part in a volunteer project which gave out rice and food to the needy with her mother. As you are all aware, it is winter in Seoul and the average daily temperature is below 10 degree Celsius this month. So the volunteer group decided to hand out hot food to the needy on this cold winter day.

On her 21st birthday last year, Shin Hye and her mother also did volunteer work. Looks like it has become a ritual for Shin Hye! Here’s a photo:

Shin Hye is not only beautiful on the outside, she also has a beautiful heart and love for humanity. Through this event, she showed her kindness and concern for the less fortunate. It is also her way of saying thank you to God for her existence in this world and for keeping her healthy and well-fed. 

May God bless your beautiful soul always, Shin Hye ^^

Credit: CYWorld, Baidu Tieba

*Updated: Shin Hye says thank you to fans for birthday presents:


  1. oh my God!! i'm never see girl who has kindness like her!!

  2. Awww :) don't you just love her more... :) and that's why she will always be so blessed... :))

  3. I'm so touched by what she did. Her birthday was about her, but she volunteered to hand out food to the needy. She is so selfless. Shin Hye is the embodiment of BEAUTIFUL! Keep shining always.

  4. She's a gem! So beautiful and kind. :)

  5. awwww,she's really an angel in the truest sense of the word..beautiful inside and out ♥

  6. Wow!~ so amazing not only for her extra ordinary talents but also for her very kind heartened attitude these are some of the awesome reasons why I love Shin Hye. :D so excited for your 23rd Birthday I wish I could make a Birthday card for you, our schedule now in school is so hectic but I'll do my best to make one for you my one and only Idol! Shin Hye I love you may God bless you more \(❤0❤)/