Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shin Hye's Star Spangled Birthday - PSHIFC's Birthday presents debut!

On February 23, Shin Hye tweeted a message of thanks
고마워요. 복받은 사람이에요.. 너무 늦장부려 미안해요.. 고맙단 말밖엔 할수가 없네요.. 멋진배우가 될게요.함께해줄거죠..?
Thanks. I'm very blessed. Sorry I'm so late. All I can say is thanks. I'll try to be a better actress. Shall we do this together? 

Along with this, she posted two pictures of presents she received for her birthday. Look whose presents made it to the photos!

PSHIFC has done it again!

Fresh from the AN Show on October 2010, we have launched the 2011 Birthday Project for Shin Hye. We decided to start early to give all star angels ample time to join two sub-projects

(click on the images to view bigger size)

Scrapbook containing all members' birthday cards, the star origami which were collated to fill a star origami glass jar. We have collected more than 5000 stars.

Dresses and Toys for Bongji and Nori, PSHIFC Yearbook, Wooden Board

Genuine leather 'Traveler's Notebook' 

Red baseball jersey, Chupa Chups mug, Red iCoat iPhone case

Flash FL14 add-on and 4GB SD Card for her Olympus Pen EP2 Camera

The 2010 Park Shin Hye Almanac
This book records all the events, photoshoots, fanmeetings and filmings Shin Hye did in 2010.

This is the page Shin Hye has flipped to in her photo

The personalized birthday card for Shin Hye for the 
birthday card scrap book

a pop-up card that sings "happy birthday" and also lights up

(Some of the inside pages of the book: )

this is the page Shin Hye flipped to in her photo

The Park Shin Hye International Fanclub Yearbook
This book records all the activities of PSHIFC since its opening in December 2009.

(some of the inside pages of the book:)

Some members also helped us raise money to buy presents for Shin Hye. Here are all the stuff we were able to get for her with everyone’s contribution.

We could not have done it without you!

As the old adage goes: We cannot spell SUCCESS without U!

The 2011 Birthday Project has been splendidly carried out because of the unwavering support of all the stars angels all over the world. As our star brings her supporters closer together through her love and appreciation, PSHIFC will carry on with our promise to bring you closer to our star.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you're wondering what Shin Hye did on her 22nd Birthday, please visit this link:

Extended reading: SH's twitted pics made it to the Korean News today [2010.02.24]