Thursday, February 3, 2011

[TWITTER] Bongji or Nori? Join Shin Hye's guessing game event!

The Year of the Rabbit is here! Happy Lunar New Year everyone! We wish you and your family a wonderful and joyful year!^^

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  2. aaaawwww shes so so cute..........she's such a family person so does that mean her brother has finsih army service?

  3. glad to know she's home

  4. i love park shin hye and she's so cute
    i hope for you a happy new year and i wait your new drama.

  5. how cute is that dog
    hope i have one of those somesay

  6. how cute is that dog
    hope i have one of those someday
    maybe thats nori

  7. i am big fan of you my love shinhye. i noticed that lots of your fans love you coz they are geun-shin's fan and hope you will be a real couple someday with jang geun suk. although i used to be the one wishing for those sweet relation between both of you and looking forward to hear good new that way but till now there's nothing. i finally realize that it's might be better to stop nonsense wish that will never be true. moreover i never like anything about jang geun suk in his real life such as his stlye his way he talk or even his new drama mson. so i think i fall in Hwang Tae Kyung not Jang Guen Suk. anyway i still love you shinhye. i love the way you are which not just go mi num look. your real personality's lovely. i like jung yong hwa and hongki too. their real personality's natural charm not like jgs. so now i am big fan still supporting you and hope oneday you will have your real own fan not link to jgs anymore. big fan that love the way you are not just geunshin fan...........

  8. for you all shinhye fan. i hope you love shinhye coz the way she is. not just coz hope for a sweet relation with jgs that can make her frustrate and even make conflict with other actress fan such as geungeun's fan which is a hot issue between and after mson's on air which make me feel so bad. i think shinhye dont want to face any conflict with other actress or any fan. so it's might be better to keep her image out standing by herself not as a shadow with jgs anymore. let protect our shinhye please..... alway love you shinhye.

  9. i love jgs, but i love lee wan,too and khj and the other YB guys so i guess am really a pure PSH lover. And as i'm already a sunbae, my sound advice,though somewhat unsolicited is for her to pair with every guy that will help propel her career more like lee seunggi or si yun joon and a repeat with either lw/jgs so she won't be identified with anyone. but if love really becons you, avoid being serious as you have more yrs to enjoy and become an excellent and enduring actress that we want you to be. take care coz we really care

  10. hi jet and jzg..
    just like you, my focus now is on shinhye and not on the loveteam.
    i used to be a crazy sukkiehye fan until MMM and i am glad that i got over my addiction
    nothing against sukkie as i am an anjell fan too but its better for shinhye not to
    be identified with just sukkie or one leading man only...
    anyway, there are lots of hot guys who look good with shinhye although my wish right now is for her to be LMH's leading lady in CH...

    Anyway, Happy LUnar New Year and welcome home...

    AS a parent myself, its better that you do not rush into a serious relationship
    right now..its alright to entertain suitors and date... just enjoy your youth, your career and your studies...LOVE will come at the right time..

    Good luck to you, more projects to come...looking forward to Hayate

  11. @karren, thanks for the translation...

    First of all...happy lunar new year to shinhye and her family..
    Welcome back to and relax for a while..

    @jet, jzg, rence...just like you I am a pure star angel now..a genuine PSH fan.
    I will support her, whatever project and whoever leading man she has..
    I used to be a geunshin shipper also until MMM and i am so happy that i got over
    that crazy feeling of being a, whatever sukkie does or says
    or whoever he is paired with, i don't mind at all..i am proud of myself..bravo..
    Let's not limit shinhye with sukkie as SHE COULD SHINE ON HER OWN AND EVEN BRIGHTER
    also,for her career growth, its better for her to be paired with other guys...
    Right now, i am looking forward to Hayate..wish that it would be successful..

    As for her love life, lets not put too much pressure on her...she is still young and she her career to take care of and her studies also...let her enjoy her youth..she has lots of male friends, all hot and good looking..

    All i could say is lucky is the guy who will win shinhye's heart..

    Wishing you the best and God Bless!

  12. you're welcome^^
    I gotta say, I agree with every word you said!

  13. Cute Nori..Hope that Nori will grow up like her mother...
    So happy that you can spent your time with your family again..

  14. hope happiness and healthy for u Shin hye unni,,
    love u always.....