Thursday, March 10, 2011

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110309 Park Shin Hye's arrival in Singapore

Shin Hye is in Singapore!

Shin Hye arrived in Singapore around 3pm this afternoon. She was seen holding on to a bouquet of flowers at the luggage area, before she walked through the barricades to greet her fans.

Along the way she even stopped to autograph for a lucky fan, smiled and posed for fans, received fan gifts as well as to read fan board messages by the fans before she went on board a Mercedes and left the airport.

Shin Hye will attend the Salvato Ferragamo fashion show tomorrow at the luxurious Paragon Atrium mall at 8:30pm. Good luck and enjoy your stay in Singapore, Shin Hye!

Check out the video below:

Earlier today, Shin Hye  tweeted a photo of herself at Korea's Incheon International Airport prior to her takeoff
"한숨도 못잔 박양의 최후=ㅅ= 아침비행기는 역시.. 아하하하~ 6시간 후 싱가폴에서 만나요 여러분~>_< 
The end to Miss Park after a night of no sleep =ㅅ= As expected, the plane ride in the morning.. ahahaha~ I’ll see you all in Singapore in 6 hours~ >_<"

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