Friday, March 11, 2011

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye in Singapore, talks about "Festival"

Korean Hallyu star Park Shin Hye attended Ferragamo fashion show in Singapore yesterday. The friendly actress waved, smiled and signed for fans.

At 7:45pm, Park Shin Hye, accompanied by the CEOs of Italian designer label Ferragamo, appeared in Paragon Atrium. After walking on the red carpet, Park Shin Hye toured around the Ferragamo store, accepted interviews by the local media, posed for photos and watched the fashion show. She was dressed in a summer halter dress designed by Ferragamo.

Many fans went to the venue to support the beautiful actress. 

Park Shin Hye entered the entertainment industry at a young age of 13 and debuted in drama "Stairway to Heaven". Her latest drama "You're Beautiful"(2009) was a great hit throughout the world, gaining her numerous support from international fans.

When asked, Park Shin Hye said "If I can choose again, I will choose to enter the industry at 18 or 19 years of age. 13 years old is too young to enter the entertainment industry."

On the day of her arrival in Singapore (March 9 2011), it was confirmed that the actress will be starring alongside CNBlue leader Jung Yonghwa in MBC's summer drama "Festival". It will be Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa's 2nd drama together after "You're Beautiful".

When asked about whether she has contacted Jung Yonghwa by phone lately, Park Shin Hye said "Yonghwa doesn't treat me like a girl. I don't treat him like a boy, either!" she laughed "I believe that he has changed a lot after "You're Beautiful". It's been a while since I worked together with him after ANJell. But i think since we have worked together before, we will be able to co-operate very well in "Festival". Please give the drama lots of support."
So, you two have never called each other on the phone? "Haha, we're only friends! He doesn't treat me like a girl. Lee Hongki always says "Even if we go traveling together, there will not be any rumors!".'

What is your ideal type of man? "I like boys who have a sense of responsibility." she answered.

Park Shin Hye left Paragon Atrium at around 9pm and has left for Korea today. During the interview, she expressed her wish to tour around Singapore's tour spots such as Sentosa and ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Credit: ZB News, Singapore
She posed with big smiles and grace and captured the hearts of many with her youthful beauty and charm. Here are more photos, videos and details:

After walking the red carpet, Shin Hye posed for the media and fans in front of the red Ferragamo event board. She was accompanied by Ferragamo CEO Michele Norsa (right) and Director of Li&Fung group Jeremy Hobbins (right).

Video of Shin Hye during the runway show:

Photos (1-4) credit: Chris McGrath, Getty Images Asia Pacific

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  1. Shinhye is stand out and very beautiful. I love the overall look. The dress and hairstyle suits her. I hope Shinhye would wear these kind of dress more often. She's super feminine and lovely.

  2. Thanks for all the updates. You're fast guys and wonderful =) keep it up!

  3. Ά nature beauty! Without any thick makeup, she still look beautiful n not as skinny as many korean actress.

  4. hahaha..sooo cute how she dodged any impending rumors linking them together...of course they call each other,friends do that (yonghwa even called her on the middle of the night just to ask her to check the video he uploaded with his partner in wgm) but shinhye can't even answer directly because i'm sure anti fans will react.they're just friends so all those insecure anti-fans out there,just get lost

  5. ..and to all the singapore stars who provided the pics,vids and updates..thank you so much guys...more power psh_ifc and affiliates.rock on!:))

  6. so agree with sweet here....she is the perfect role model for allt the young one's today shes not aneroxic thin like most kstars, her look makeup wise is always so natural........cant wait for festival........she just looks stunning the dress is awesome on her hope she wears more colour not always black to red carpet events...god blesss and thank you to psh affiliates and pshifc for updates god bless all

  7. Wow it seems that the Ferragamo exec and ceo really like Shinhye. Goood for you ! You deserve all the love!

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