Friday, March 11, 2011

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Shin Hye at Salvato Ferragamo fashion show

Spotted! Our star Shin Hye at Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show!

The fashion show was held at 8:30pm at Paragon Atrium, Singapore tonight. Shin Hye was invitied as an exclusive  VIP guest. She arrived at 8pm, had an interview inside the new Ferragamo store and went to the fashion show. After the show, she had another interview with the CEOs in English.

Park Shin Hye was wearing a one-piece summer dress by Salvotore Ferragamo.

To see photos of her arrival in Singapore, please visit this link:

Special thanks to MRSPOWER for the photos! And to all Singapore fans, esp Oiccia!


Special thanks to Jane, Oiccia and MRSPower and  for these wonderful photos!!

More photos here:


More photos will be updated soon! Please check back for more tonight and tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the updates Karen..was excited to see pics of her the whole day.

    Love the dress and her hair :)

    Thank you MSSPOWER for sharing the all SIN fans :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the updates. Its a heart warming to see that Shinhye really enjoyed the event. Hope she has developed a liking for Singapore too!^^ Heart felt thanks for all the pictures and videos! You guys really did it tonight!

  3. She's sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! The summer dress fits her perfectly. Stunning and gorgeous!! Thank you everyone for all your lovely photos!!!

  4. Thanks for all the updates..
    she's wearing a mini summer dress, very lovely lady..she must be well versed in english already as i noticed that she's talking to the CEOs without any interpreter...RENCE

  5. love the pictures! and love the dress ~ very youthful and unique ~ so her age. very simple with no accessories, too, except for the orange (?) watch.

    thanks so much to all the Singaporean fans and affiliates who have entrusted us with their photos and vids. =) daebak!

  6. ohhhh wowwwwwww!! shinhye is stunningly beautiful!!!♥♥♥ thank you so much singapore fans and affiliates for the pics,fancam vids and updates!you guys rock! :))

  7. man love you all thank you to our singaporian psh lovers for the pics and karen and team for quick upload keeping up really updated with all psh news.....

    and oh my she is stunning looking lovely she's just elegant.....either that man speaks korean or she's got good english to converse with him...oh i so cant wait....

  8. She's good in English!! Absolutely stunning. Love the whole ensemble and the simplicity of her dress yet still sooo beautiful! Thanks again to our affiliates!!!

  9. Thank you Karren and to all the contributors of the pictures and videos. I super love her look in this event. Very simple and refreshing.

    It's so nice to see Shin Hye sitting next to the CEOs of Ferragamo. I'm proud of her=)

  10. thanks for all the pics!
    @Kristine: me, too..i'm proud of Shin Hye when I saw her chatting with the CEO... means she understands English... hope she learns some more and speak it more often.